Perejite Hails King Of Zion Princewill Jemine On 54th Birth Anniversary

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By Binebai Princewill

A Niger Delta rights activist and social media influencer, Comr. Walter Rufus Perejite has celebrated the supreme leader of Cherubim and Seraphim church of Zion Worldwide, Bolowou, His Holiness, Rt. Revd. AP.  (Dr) Epistle Princewill Isaiah Jemine, GCOA, DD, JP+ on his 54th birth anniversary.  

Comr. Rufus Perejite issued the birth anniversary message to newsmen in Arogbo earlier today, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers, stressing that the revered King of Zion is a man of God to reckon with. 

The statement reads in part below:

“I want to specially thank you for how you have brought the word of God close to us and have demonstrated the power of God Mightily. Your  embodiment of God’s word and how you vigorously preach the gospel of Christ with the message of Christ second  coming is unique and so powerful for as a result of that many have come into the knowledge of God’s word and Kingdom.

“Following your teachings of God’s Word which is characterised by Healings, Miracles, Testimonies many have been removed and delivered from the oppression of satanic forces but have  been brought into Gods Marvellous Light of total freedom and peace. 
“On this 54th birth anniversary sir, it’s my prayer and wish that you continue to Minister God’s word with more power, anointing and Knowledge. Happy Birthday and CONGRATULATIONS sir”

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