Surveillance Contract: IYC Warn Arewa Youths To Keep Clear From Tompolo

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By Binebai Princewill 

The Western Zone Structure of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) has sounded a note of warning to the Arewa Youths Assembly to keep clear from High Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo. 

The IYC in a statement jointly signed by the duo of Dr. Doubra Collins Okotete and Comr. Omaghomi Olu-Derimon, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide, admonished the Arewa youths to concentrate their strenghts on the insecurity challenges ravaging the Northern part of the country.

They had particularly urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to give Tompolo the pipeline surveillance contract, stressing that Tompolo is the right choice to handle the job.

The statement reads below:


Statement on Tompolo by Arewa youth Assembly, reckless, irresponsible, childish, shameful, conveys  self destructive  manners say IYC. 

Coming up with unfounded and awful allegations is one thing and having the charisma to defend them is totally a different ball game.

The Ijaw youth council western zone   under the steady and unshakable leadership of Dr Doubra Collins Okotete  has described the recent  statement credited to one of these micro nothern groups, Arewa Youth Assembly  searching for patronage or recongnition, which is  obviously being bankrolled by some  sponsorers as ruse,  Arewa youth assembly  shot itself on the foot knowing well that, there will be a thousand response and reactions against their unguided and divisive  statement over a man who has constantly kept the peace of Niger Delta and Nigeria by extention.  

If the Arewa  Youth Assembly were responsible enough, protection of pipleline security would not be part or bane  of their statement with the level of insecurity ravaging the north with no solution in sight and with the recent incident that occured on the 28th of march 2022 were terrorist freely unchallenged bombed the Kaduna Abuja train, killing severall promising Nigerians and kidnapping  more than a hundred passengers on the train and within same period the kaduna international airport was attacked and under seige,  these are just a few of the several insecurity challenges bedelviling the Northern part of the country  and the Arewa youth assembly with a notorious propensity for violence are yet to condemn these horrorful happenings in the North but quick to speak on oil matters that they don’t have a knowledge of how its produced. “We nor blane una”

They should know that CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. 

While innocent citizens are still in the custody of the bandits that attacked the train with such like scenario spread acrossed the northern part of the country , a mannerless and a juvinile body such as Arewa youth assembly will shamefully berate Tompolo who have constantly sacrificed alot in  maintaining  the relative  peace across the Niger Delta region with unbroken track records. 

We can recall that just recently a notorious kidnapper, MK  was on rampage in the creeks of Delta state creating uneasy calm. he allegedly killed some military men cart away with thier amunitions, but low and behold, it was still the same Tompolo who came to the rescue,  captured MK and his men and handed them over, this is just a sample of so many rescue operations he has embacked on without public attention,  we make bold to say that if a figure like Tompolo was in the Northern part of Nigeria , peace would have returned by now. 

Its on record that despite the pipeline security awarded to some firms, oil theft and pipeline vandelisation is on the rise and its a noticable fact by NNPC and the Federal goverment that Tompolo is the ONLY man that can come to the rescue before our economy nose dive to a level that will take us back to the woods, he’s shown capacity over time and and Niger Deltans are proud and happy with his leadership charisma, knowing well  that oil is the mainstay of the countries  economy that the NNPC limited under the leadership of Mallam Mpele Koko Kyari and the FG should ignore the callous statement coming from over pampared group since the Niger Delta is ready to cooperate with Tompolo to secure our national assets for the overall good of our country.Stating that, Tompolo is first a Niger Deltan, a bridge builder, and a man who has sacrificed so much in ensuring peace in the region and the Nigerian state at large. Tompolo is the main reason for the stability in the oil and gas industry. 

On a final Note, the Arewa Youth should be cautioned, and we make bold to state  that the Ijaw Youth Council Western Zone will not tolerate any group or persons trying to malign or embarrass  our revered Ijaw leaders unprovoked. therefore, we demand an  unreserved appology from the so called Arewa youth assembly to our distinguished leader High Chief Government  Oweizide Ekpemupolo aKa Tompolo withing seven days. 

Comr. Omaghomi Olu-Derimon Secreatar IYC Westerntern Zone Dr Doubra Collins Okotete Chairman IYC western zone

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