Underdevelopment: Rights Activist Accuses Buhari, APC Of Neglecting Niger Delta 

By Binebai Princewill

Speaker of the group, Ijaw Mobile Parliament, Comrade Kingsley Warekuromor has on Sunday accused President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) of relegating and neglecting the Niger Delta region on its developmental plans. 

Comr. Kingsley made this known to newmen after an intensive deliberation of Ijaw youths representing the 86 clans of Ijaw nation. 

Key among issues raised and x-rayed in their maiden sitting at Warri after the ease down measures during the Pandemic is the inaugural interview of Mr. President in 2015 where he categorically told Niger Deltans that constituent for example that gave me 97 percent of votes cannot be treated the same with constituent that gave him 5percent votes.


In his words: “It’s obvious that the Presidency does not mean well to us as a region hence he has coincided with Interim system of governance for all the interventional agencies in the Niger Delta by appointing corrupt elements with looting as their agenda to rubbish and undermine the drive for resource control and good governance of the people of the Niger Delta as evidently seen in NDDC and the Niger Delta Ministry.

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“Appoint credible sons of the region with track record of integrity to prove us wrong in the different interventional ministries and agencies. How can a President appoint Northerners as Interim Management of the Presidential Amnesty Program meant for the good people of Niger Delta? 

“We have never heard since the creation  of the NDDC where there was Interim management. The actions of this government is to reiterate our long standing position that this contraception called Nigeria is a forced fusion  reason why the interim system is obtainable only  in the Niger Delta.

“Buhari’s agenda is born out of hatred for the people of the region and still sees himself as a Northern president five years after he won the elections. We are yet to hear or see an Interim Management in NNPC Board, in NPA, in CBN and other agencies and subsidiaries. 


“This injustice is to dis-credit the collective effort of those of us in the fore front for good governance and resource control, this may jeopardize the existing peace in the region if cares isn’t taken.” Comr. Kingsley asserted. 

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