US Election: African Youth Leader, Amb Dekawei Drums Support For Trump

By Binebai Princewill

African Youth Leader, Amb. John Dekawei has appealed to voters in the United States of America to ensure that  President Donald Trump is returned  for a second term in office.

Dekawei who was speaking  during an exclusive chat with The Liberator Newspapers on Tuesday in Johannesburg, capital of South Africa during a business trip noted that Trump is the best for the world.

He noted that  President Trump deserves a second term in office and should be supported by all lovers of democracy and good governance across the globe.

Donald  J. Trump, 45th US president  is contesting the election under the Republican party against Joe Biden of the Democrats party.


Explaining why Trump should be supported for another term, Dekawei said that in 48 months of his leadership, Trump has done so much with his influence seen not only in America but Africa, Asia and the World at large. 

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Available facts and figures shows he has tremendously  improve the economy of the US in such a manner  that even his critics cannot deny while restoring previously lost jobs.

He said, world over, fight against religious extremism has been intensified with elimination of most ISIS leaders  and other terrorist groups in middle East and Africa.

Trump is  the only US  president who has been genuinely  concerned about the killings in Nigeria by Islamist terrorists and have never cease to speak against it.

Again, he noted  that It was Trump who fought rigorously to put an end to abortion law and has shown dislike for same sex union, describing them as evil against God and humanity.

He said Trump succeeded in restoring  historic Peace between the Arab nations and   Israel and took a bold step in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Isreal.

The Youth leader said he is very optimistic that if given another opportunity, Trump will surpass expectation and urged Americans not to be deceived by the antics of enemies of Christianity and democracy.

The winner of  the election will emerge on Nov 4.

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