2019 Elections: Mulade Cautions Youths Against Being Used to Cause Political Violence

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-You Are Not Relevant After Elections

As Nigerians Prepares for the 2019 general elections, a Niger Delta based human and environmental rights activist, Comrade Sheriff Mulade has cautioned Nigerian youths to avoid desperate politicians who may be planning to use them to perpetuate violence before, during and after the elections in the country.

He claimed that Nigerian youths and women are only relevant during political rallies and politically instigated violence by desperate politicians as “being seen now in the country”.

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In his words: “The children of candidates and top politcians are not among the crowd of supporters who hungrily follow politcians during campaign and political rallies across the nation and the greedy and desperate politicians are only concerned with how to acquire political powers, get richer and enjoy with their families while the poor supporters get poorer and suffer with their families and generation”.

The environmentalist who was speaking during a media chat with journalists in Warri called on youths to shun any act of overzealousness or thuggery which could mar their future and result in loss of lives, adding that desperate politcians do not care about the security of their followers and supporters, “they will be the first to travel out of the country with their families to avoid being attacked if there is any post electoral crisis”.

He encouraged youths to think, act positively, peacefully and always envision themselves as future leaders rather than wasting their time and energy with politcians who continue to deceive them with failed promises

He implored youths to vote for credible candidate of their choice and also ensure that they participate purposefully in ensuing that good governance was achieved in Nigeria.

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