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By Mackson Ode


The Ijaws have been the most relegated ethnic nationality in Delta state. It’s almost becoming a norm that the Ijaw man if and when considered for political position in the state should play the second fiddle.

Since the creation of Delta state in 1991 there have been four Executive/Elected Governors (two from the Urhobo extractions, one from the Itsekiri and the current one from the Anioma’s). The Ijaws occupy about six local government areas out of the twenty-five of the state. The Ijaws contribute the most in terms of resources of the natural resources from the Niger Delta even though haters of the Ijaws have manipulatively placed the contribution of the Ijaws at 27% behind the Itsekiri’s with 29%.

I sincerely think that, In all of these, the Ijaws deserve the office of the Governor come 2023. We cannot continue to be on the sidelines waiting to be served remnants or be at the mercy of certain cartels or political overlords who give what they like to others after satisfying themselves or at certain slavish conditions to be fulfilled now or later.

The year 2023 is very crucial politically. Whatever makes the Ijaws miss out of the governorship office and allows it go to the Urhobos for the third time, they (the Urhobos) would have successfully established their political and social superiority over the other ethnic nationalities and would therefore foist the next Governor after Eight years (2031) on the state. Sadly then, it might go to another ethnic group in the state.

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My point exactly here is, the Ijaws have contributed too substantially to the state to sit on the fence when it comes to clinching the number one position in the state. We have men more very qualified to run the affairs of the state.

The leaders should know that, their lack of pro activeness and nonchalance is jeopardizing the interest of the entire Ijaw nation and the future of the Ijaw race.

Let’s look at the rate of marginalization, first, in terms of the distribution of Infrastructural amenities and developmental projects and Tertiary institutions within the state: All the campuses of the Delta State’s University are spread in towns outside any of the Ijaw towns. The three state Polytechnics are in towns outside any of the Ijaw towns. The two Federal tertiary institutions in the state are concentrated in one part of the state. The only one sited in our land in Okerenkoko is not funded and is still facing serious issues of accreditations. The issues are just too numerous to highlight in one article.

I thereby want to urge all well meaning Ijaw leaders to put on thinking caps and come together with a view to fostering unity in order to bring home the office of the Governor to Ijaw land in 2023. Let’s have the opportunity to hold ourselves responsible for our woes.

In the same vein, when the Ijaw man becomes the Governor, the number of appointees allocated to the district and ethnic nationality is higher. More young persons would have the opportunity to get appointments whereby they learn the Art of governance.


Comrade Mackson Ode.

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