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By Mackson Ode
The coincidental and sentimental happenstances called, “zoning” in Delta State is a mere whip to get the horse the directions desired by the rider. It has brought about what seems like a deliberate plan and arrangement to share power among the three Senatorial districts of Delta state. Whereas, it has been grossly utilized to bamboozle and pull the wool over the faces of some ethnic nationalities in the State. The phenomenon, “zoning” does not exist in politics. It’s a mere tool of controlling the emotions and winning the sentiments of the masses for the selfish gains of the so-called political gladiators in a given time. Politics is all about interests.
Some political gladiators have taken advantage of this arrangement to scheme a kangaroo political caricature well calculated to hijack and manipulate the already gullible masses.
These political gladiators know that, there’s nothing like zoning. They only weep up sentiments when it’s going to be in their favour.
However good this arrangement might seem, but the intentions of the players are not pure. Looking at this so-called arrangement from a microscopic view, you discover various disequilibria in the practice and principle of the system. There are obvious lopsidedness in the contributions to the Commonwealth of the arrangement. I would like to call it “monkey dey work, baboon dey chop” in the light of the contributions of the Ijaws in the political stratosphere.
Chronological and statistical analyses of certain factors show a gross neglect or undervalue of the Ijaws in the calculation and scheme of things.
Firstly, elections results and output since the political dispensation in Delta state in 1999 till date reveals the monumental sacrifices of the Delta Ijaws to the smooth sailings of the rotational arrangements as espoused by the proponents. In the gubernatorial elections so far, the highest block votes have always come from the Ijaw dominated Local Government Areas and Wards. This is clearly manifest in the 2019 Governorship election. Warri South West LGA delivered the highest votes and the highest percentage for the ruling party against the opposition party. According to the verified results by the Returning Officer, Prof. Emmanuel Irhabor, Warri South/West had a total votes of 139, 534 for the PDP while the APC had a beggarly 10,906 votes. In Bomadi, It was 49,722 for the PDP while the APC had 4,437. The percentage ratio of these results are 16:1. This same heights were achieved across the other Ijaw dominated Local government areas of Delta state. It’s noteworthy to mention at this juncture, that, not even in any of the Anioma Local Government Areas was this monumental deliveries of results made or achieved.
Secondly, the Ijaws have been true, loyal, peaceful and committed to a politically prosperous Delta state. Although the various transition arrangements, the Ijaws have always toed the paths of peace and collective bargain even when it does not directly favour them. For instance, in 2019 when almost all the ethnic nationalities in the state threw caution to the wind to attempt to undermine the rotational arrangements, the Ijaws were on the path of peace and political prosperity of the state as proposed by the Leaders.
The main opposition then, the APC, had its flag bearer and candidate from the Urhobo extraction. The Ijaws would never have done that.
Thirdly, the contributions of the Ijaws to the socioeconomic life, political prosperity, peace and tranquility of Delta state cannot be overemphasized.
In a nutshell, the Ijaws like never before deserve the office of the Governor of the state come 2023. The persons are available and the resources are also available..
Comrade Mackson U. Ode

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