Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

Appraising The Liberator Newspaper In 2019, Vision 2020, Beyond

By Binebai Princewill

As 2019 comes to an end which has eventually given birth to 2020, it will be a grave error if I fail to thank and appreciate the Almighty God for giving us the strength to dish out quality news around the World all these years, particularly in 2019. I am writing this message on behalf of staff and management of The Liberator Newspaper.

God do not come down on his own to help humans but he will rather send humans to help humans. 2019 will continue to remain remarkable in the existence of The Liberator Newspaper. A year where many good things happened to the Newspaper on its way to becoming a global paper.

It was in 2019 that the Newspaper was officially launched after years of existence, precisely June 15th, the head office was well furnished, we got Industrial Attachment Students, we began monthly production of The Liberator Newspaper, spreading to every states and major cities in the country. We also got our goodle Adsense in 2019 as well as receiving several media awards. We also receive delegates from the European Union, EU at our office prior to the 2019 general election. The discussions where fruitful and the global connection is truly a nice one.

The list is endless if I continue to go on and on in highlighting the good things that has happened to us as a company.

All these things wouldn’t have been possible without the financial and moral supports of good spirited Niger Deltans who sees the burning vision of The Liberator Newspaper, it is very pertinent to note that without the help of these people, we would not have come to this level.

Today it will interest our esteem audience to note that our reach via online is really amazing as average of 15 – 35 countries around the World reads The Liberator Newspaper everyday with another surprising figure of persons that reads the paper daily.

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2020 will definitely be a more interesting year towards the growth and development of the Newspaper, our content will be objectively radical and we will sustain the 2019 momentum and expand beyond our present status. We will improve on areas that we think we did not do well in our bid of striving for the best.

Series of programmes will be initiated and carried out, our quest to become not just a national but a global media organization to reckon with in the World will definitely be a major target for us, slow and steady we are getting there. If average of 15-35 countries are reading The Liberator Newspaper daily, then we are very close to achieving our grandiose dream.

To our numerous readers all over the World, they should expect more decent reports from us, we will positively expand, series of programmes and activities will be taking place from the stable of The Liberator Newspaper.

We want to specifically thank you all for patronizing us, we will never let you down, to those that have made their indelible mark in the life of The Liberator Newspaper, we once again say thank you, we would have loved to mention names but the list will be endless. This is indeed another very important programme that we will be carrying out in 2020 to recognize these good spirited individuals.

However, we want to reiterate that our darling audience should expect a stronger and better Liberator Newspaper come 2020. The Liberator Newspaper, most authentic paper in Niger Delta has come to stay as it can only get better.

We want to also plead that in our cause for reportage, we may have offended some persons unknowingly, we plead that if there are such persons, we ask for forgiveness as it was not intentional.

We love you all, welcome to 2020 as we will together reconstruct the many ills that have bedevilled our world for too long.

This message will not be complete without commending the wonderful crew of The Liberator Newspaper. We shall together continue to confront our darkest challenges.

Happy New Year Our Dear Esteemed Audience.


Amb. Binebai Yerin Princewill.
CEO, Publisher/Editor-In-Chief, The Liberator Newspaper.

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