Wed. May 12th, 2021

Barrister Smooth blast Ijaw political jobbers, says Bayelsans robbed of their mandate – The Liberator

By Ndu Samuel

Ijaw Music kingpin, Chief Barrister S. Smooth, has said that the people of Bayelsa state were robbed of the mandate which they freely gave to the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC Chief David Lyon at the November 16 gubernatorial election.

The revered musical legend opined that returning the mandate is the only sure way for peace and justice to prevail and prevent the once peaceful state from sliding into anarchy.

While taking a swipe at politicians who constantly switch party and loyalty any time there is change in leadership, he said such act is disgusting, saying ”Some of those who were dancing around David Lyon, gossiping and pulling down people to gain headway are now seen dancing around Diri and insulting core believers like us.

Smooth said he has ”come to realize that football fans are more dedicated to their various clubs than a typical day to day politician. A typical Manchester United fan or Chelsea fan even our own local football fans are more sincere to their club sides than most Nigerian politicians.”

”Win or lose, a football fan will always remain loyal to his or her football club, while praying for a better day to come, but the story is different with politicians. Is either a typical political jobber will immediately move to greener pastures and start running insult on those who have choose to be faithful to their beliefs.”

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He said ”politicians should endeavor to support and encourage those who believe in their dreams and not supporting fair weather people who just come for stomach infrastructure only, and gladly abandon you when you need them the most.”

”I supported and stood by H.E DSP Alamiesiegha through out his ordeal. I choose to support H.E Timipre Marlyn Sylva because I believe in his leadership. H.E Serieke Dickson came and throughout his tenured as the Executive Governor of Bayelsa state, he can not say that I Chief Barrister smooth have insulted him in anyway. I only disagreed with his style of governance in which every Ijaw man on the street were complaining of hardship and not feeling the then government.

”I don’t think I have any problem with H.E Douye Diri, but my complained is that Bayelsans have been robbed of their mandate and which must be return to the people so as to experience peace in the land, and brother will not raise up against his brother.” He said.

While advising those who are against him for standing with Lyon to desist from it, he said ”If you have crossed over to support Diri that you once rejected and call names, please don’t insult me for believing in what I believe. Ijaw means truth, and in that truth I will always stand.”

”If the hands of clock changes, immediately you will see them coming with different kind of storylines trying to pull you down so that they can climb. Sometimes, I blame most of our political leaders for encouraging such evil and disgusting act.”

He stated that its high time political leaders do the needful because according to him ”monkey no go fit dey work make baboon come dey chop easily like that and go.”

”If you’re changing camp, don’t insult me for not joining you to change camp cos man shall not live by bread alone.” He insisted.

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