By Ndu Samuel

The Leadership of Ijaw Interest Advocates (IIA), also known as Izanzan Intellectual Camp has urged President Mohammadu Buhari to review the recent Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) board appointment over alleged lopsidedness.

The group said, it arrived at the decision after series of meetings in the region.

They accused some political power brokers in Delta state of conniving with a particular popular politician in Bayelsa to shortchange the Ijaws in Delta state, under the guise of promoting Ijaw agenda.

The Izanzan camp maintained that they are in support of Ijaw Consultative Assembly (WICA) position on the NDDC Board Appointment which rejected the appointment ,saying ”we have no other option than to join our kinsmen to fight for our right. ”

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The group disclosed that available records shows that no Ijaw person have occupied any sensitive position in the board for the past 12 years, brother ethnic groups in the state usually hijack it and rotate it among themselves.

” Records had it that Delta Ijaw has not be entrusted with sensitive office in the Board in recent time. For the past 12 years the offices zone to Delta State has been hijacked and rotated among the Itsekiris and the Urhobos while the Ijaws whose collective sensibilities and blood that resulted to the creation of NDDC has no place. ”

”We are not disregarding the fact that presidency might be ignorant of the formation of NDDC and the origination of the modern day arm struggle thus presidency must do the necessary; review the board to maintain as well as to strengthen the already exiting peace and harmonious co-existence in the region. ”

”Presidency must know that the NDDC was never created on political bases but for the collective interest of the minorities in the south most especially the Ijaws as clearly stated and stipulated in page 95/96 in the Willink Commission report, 1957/1958 before Nigeria’s Independence. ”

”They called on the the President to consider reconstituting a fresh board while wishing him a successful second tenure”

” We once again call on President Buahri to review board and implore him to be mindful with those Niger Delta leaders he work with day in and day out as we wish let him well in his already running second term administration

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