Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

How illegal products nearly raze down PS plaza, neighborhood in Warri 

The inferno
Recounting his ordeal, the Managing Director of SECOBEN Limited, operators of PS plaza in Giwamu at Idiaregbe junction, Warri, Sir Akin Benikuruku has stated that his property was nearly razed down by unidentified persons carrying illegal products.
According to Akin while addressing the press yesterday, he had noted that the incident occurred April 29th 2019 within the early hours of 9:Pm.
A front view of PS plaza
He said trouble started when unknown persons believed to be illegal bunkers were carrying illegal diesels sacked in different formats where driving towards the PS plaza in a vehicle but noted that somewhere along the line for strange reasons, the driver lost control as the vehicle landed on the drainage which could have even hit the fence of the plaza, since there had been a collusion, it now resulted to fire.
The MD had noted that the fire began to spread uncontrollably to other nearby houses, destroying properties but maintained that no casualty was recorded just as no life was lost.

The remains of the illegal products carrying vehicle

On PS plaza, when The Liberator Newspaper visited the scene of the incident to ascertain the level of damage, it was learnt that the security house was seriously damaged and the expensive glasses at the main building of the plaza was also touched as a result of the unprecedented heat occasion by the inferno.

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Remains of the vehicle conveying the illegal products
As at yesterday, repair works are ongoing in a high volume at PS plaza and the nearby house that was nearly razed down.
However, MD Benikuruku had regretted that those that where carrying the illegal products that nearly razed down his multi million naira plaza and the entire Giwamu street vanished into the thin air as they appears nowhere to be found during the process up till this moment.

The security house under renovation

It would be recalled that till now, the remains of the burnt vehicle conveying the products is still visibly stationed close to the PS plaza.
PS plaza is a big and busy plaza, housing a lot of businesses at the various offices inside the plaza, the story would have being a soar one if the fire had gotten to the main building.
Meanwhile, Mr. Akin had thanked the Lord Almighty for his mercy, stressing that if not for God, the level of damage could of been massively wanton.
Nevertheless, the matter have since been reported to the Nigeria Police for proper investigation.
Akin had further called on the Federal and Delta State governments and relevant agencies to rise and put a stop to the technical legalization of illegal bunkering activities in Warri town. He said security agencies must begin to be on their toes for they endangers the lives of everyone in Delta.

It would be recalled that it was the neighborhood that battle with the inferno until the while incident was brought under control.

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