How Supervisory Councillor, Calista Provides Pairs Of Uniforms To Nursery School Pupils In Burutu 

By Binebai Princewill 

On Thursday 3rd of December 2020 will continue to be an historic day in the lives of pupils in the Government Nursery School Burutu, headquarters of Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State as Miss Ekereke Akpoebi Calista out of her programmes provides uniforms to encourage pupils of the School. The Liberator Newspapers can report. 

It would be recalled that Miss Ekereke Akpoebi Calista is the Supervisory Councillor for Education, Youths and Sports in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State.

While donating the school uniforms to the Nursery School pupils, the Supervisory Councillor had noted that she was touched to have seen the students learning without uniforms during one inspection exercise carried out by her department. 

Calista continued that she couldn’t  have remain mute after seeing such a scenario hence since then she began to make arrangements with the school authority to see how the Local Government can be of help under her department to provide uniforms to pupils without uniforms in the school. 

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The Supervisory Councillor for Education, Youths and Sports maintained that while her office will continue to partner with relevant stakeholders to leave behind lasting legacies that will stand the test of time, she said she feels fulfilled by providing uniforms to the Nursery School Pupils. 

During the presentation of uniforms to the Nursery School pupils, Ekereke had in a plain language admonished the pupils not to be detered by their learning environment, stressing that they are  all marked for greatness as some will be medical doctors, lawyers, business tycoons, politicians, professors and what have you. 

Miss Ekereke had charged the pupils  to take their studies serious as they have the potentials of becoming great leaders in life.

The Supervisory Councillor noted that while the Lord Almighty is supreme in the affairs of men, Ekereke  said she will continue to be indebted to her boss, Hon. Godknows Angele, Chairman of Burutu Local Government Area for approving the finances needed for the exercise, stressing that if not for his benevolence, the exercise wouldn’t have been successful. 

However, on her part,  Mrs Sualla Ebi Sarah, Headmistress of the Nursery School had appreciated the Supervisory Councillor for her kind gesture, adding that such a gesture is rare among contemporal leaders in Nigeria that politicise almost everything. 

Mrs Sualla explained that in her years of teaching,  she is yet to see anyone taking out his or her time to have come to the school to donate anything for the pupils, praying that more doors shall continue to open for Miss Ekereke Calista, Supervisory Councillor for Education, Youths and Sports. 

Meanwhile, the exercise was also graced by Hon Sunday Perekeme, Secretary of Burutu Local Government Area, Hon Boson A. Alazi, Super Health, Engr Roland Oyaitu, Super Environment as well as Mr Alex Edumogiren, chairman Environmental, Burutu Local Government Council. 

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