IYC: Wuruyai promises innovative policies if elected – The Liberator

By Ndu Samuel

A contender for the the position of secretary general in Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Comr. Godswill Doubra Wuruyai had promised to initiate innovative policies that will bridge administrative gap between the National executive council and other structures of the apex Ijaw youth body if elected.

The promise was contained a release he issued to newsmen in Warri to intimate the public of his plans for IYC and the need to consider him as the best man for the job.

Wurayai said he is poised to injecting fresh ideas into the council through innovative legislations that will eventually place the council on the path of progress and leave a legacy that will be indelible.

He noted that the Team Wuruyai for IYC Secretary General is focused on the issues that will ensure the improvement of Council structural arrangement and the continual solidarity of every stakeholder against all odds.

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According to him, such improvement is important because it will engender harmonious relationship among the various organs of the youth body, ”When given the privilege to serve the IYC as its Secretary, my peace-building mechanism will erase every obvious and shadow lines of division in council.” He promised

Wurayi said ”Like what a good electrician is to a building under construction, I understand the importance of a viable Secretary to the growth and development of any organisation which includes the IYC in its progression. An highly proficient Secretary gives less burden to the President and make the executive team highly efficient. It is in this respect I, Comr. Godswill Doubra Wuruyai seek to serve Ijaw Nation through your support.”

”My innovative policies when elected will bridge the administrative gap between the National Executive Council, the mobile Parliament, Zonal Executives, the Chapters and Clan Structures. I will initiate a bill to the parliament that will create a fora where council’s past and present leaders, and foot soldiers of Ijaw nation engages one another for the primary purpose to schedule plans and strategies to manage the product of the Izon struggle and to birth new dimension in achieving the Ijaw course for Resource Control and Self-determination.

”This policy when constitutionally achieved will ones again bring to bear the most practical aspect of the Ijaw struggle and will raise the institutional standard of the IYC in advancing the focus of Ijaw nation in an highly political social milieu.”

”Finally, this fora when established will serve as a medium to nurture and groom great future National leaders of Council that are deeply informed on the founding philosophy of the IYC through continues engagement process among stakeholders.”

He then appeal to all well meaning Ijaw youths to support his ambition for the sake of prosperity and the collective future of the Ijaw nation.

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