Izanzan camp warns Ijaw Abuja based leaders to desist from betraying Niger Delta

Backs Enetimi, urges Usani to work with Niger Delta grassroot

The camp hosting the Ijaw Interest Advocates, IIA, Izanzan Intellectual Camp has warned Abuja based Ijaw leaders to desist from betraying the Niger Delta region in terms of development.

IIA gave the warning earlier today in a strong worded press statement issued to newsmen in Yenagoa, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper, signed by the group’s National Coordinator, Amb Arerebo Yerinmene Jnr.

Hon Government Biriala Enetimi

The statement had backed Hon. Government Enetimi Biriala on his calls for the Abuja based Ijaw leaders to stop trading with the Niger Delta region.

However, Salaco had also urged the Minister of Niger Delta, Pastor Usani Uguru Usani to stop any dealings with the acclaimed Ijaw Abuja based leaders, stressing that such persons are not representing Niger Delta in any way.

He had particularly charged the Minister to work directly with the grassroot as Niger Deltans are not feeling his leadership in any way since he assumes office as the boss of the ministry.

The statement had particularly described the acclaimed Niger Delta Ijaw Abuja based leaders of being the major cause of the region’s underdevelopment, stressing that such treacherous tendencies must stop.

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The statement reads in part: “The National leadership of Ijaw Interest Advocates (IIA); Izanzan Camp backs Hon. Government Enetimi Biriala to continue with his good works while cautioning those Abuja based Ijaw leaders that are relegating the development of Ijaw areas to the background for their selfish interest in disguise of working for Ijaw Interest. 

“Information in our disposal from a genuine source reveals that the selfish attitude of the leaders attributed to the reason why the Niger Delta Minister is retard of addressing the pains of the people.

“We also gathered that initially the minister enjoyed working with the leaders believing that what is due for the people is delivered to the people through the leaders but when he find out that the dividends of the ministry to the areas is not delivered as expected prompted his unfriendly style of leadership towards the area.

“Indeed our leaders are our problem, the Hausa, Yoruba and the Buhari led government is not our problem. 

“For us in Izanzan Camp will not keep mute while our own leaders are impoverishing the Ijaw terrain even when the government is ready to do something, we can’t continue to keep mute while some of our leaders in disguise of working for Ijaw interest is pocketing what is meant for the people and we can’t continue to keep mute while the development of the difficult terrain (Ijaw areas) is relegated to the background by our leaders.

“It’s the best interest of those leaders to change their ways before it get out of hand. We are very ready to mention their names as we are still gathering cogent fact that will back up our allegations.

“It is a certain fact that Hon Enetimi has done well for our people timely in terms of human empowerment program in collaboration with interventional federal agencies, therefore we have resolved to stand with him as he genuinely hunt for what is good for our people.

“On a conclusive note, we are calling on the Minister of Niger Delta, Pastor Usani Uguru Usani to reach out to the grassroot to work with them directly especially now that the people are no longer happy with his leadership and urging him to desist from those leaders that doesn’t mean well for Niger Delta and her people.” The group stated

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