Jking denies endorsing Freetown as Ijaw music king – The Liberator

By Ndu Samuel

Popular Ijaw musician Alfred Izonebi, alias Jking has debunked news making wave in the social media that the plan to crown Chief Pereama Freetown, popularly referred to as grand master, is collective decision of the Ijaw musicians.

The renowned Ijaw music star explained that though he and other respected Ijaw musicians did not endorse the crowning of Freetown but he is not in anyway against him or any other Ijaw musician to be crowned king by fans and admirers.

Jking said ”If some lovers, promoters and believers of Grand Master Pereama decide to crown him as a king, it is a welcome development Ijaw musicians should applaud it in the spirit of esprit de corps because any other musician could be crowned a music king by other people based on perception. After all there were other music kings in Ijaw while late King Robert Ebizimor still reigned as a music king.

He said ”I am ready to welcome and congratulate any Ijaw musician crowned as a king based on perception by people because there is king in every Ijaw musician.

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He noted that ”any musician can be crowned a king by admirers at any day because the right to music kingship belongs to every musician, A musician could become a king by a personal choice. A musician could also become a king by the collective choice of people who love the songs of the musician.

”For the purpose of history passed unto us musically, it should be noted that Ijaw musicians do not have the culture of coming together to crown a fellow musician a king.” He said.

He Emphasized that ”the Ijaw musicians have not collectively decided to crown any Ijaw musician a king.There is no truth in the news that Ijaw musicians have decided to crown Grand Master Pereama a king though Pereama is a music king material anytime any day chosen by the people based on perception.

”Any Ijaw musician chosen and crowned a music king by people based on perception has my blessing and congratulation.

”Congratulations Grand Master Pereama if people see you as a music king and wish to crown you based on perception though the said coronation is not a product of the collective position of all Ijaw musicians.

”Still I know that Grand Master Pereama has all the potentials of a music king the observant and the critical people may choose to demonstrate any day through coronation as it could be done to any other Ijaw musician.” He said

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