Kingsley Takemebo 2023 Delta  Ijaw Governor Music Album Hits Market

By Binebai Princewill 

Veteran Ijaw musician, Chief Kingsley Takemebo, popularly known as the mienkuro of the World has released a trending music album titled “Delta State 2023”, giving reasons why the Ijaws in Delta State must and should produce the next Governor of the state. The Liberator Newspapers can report. 

In the insightful music, Chief Kingsley Takemebo had called on the Ijaws of Delta State both the political class, business tycoons, youths and other critical stakeholders of Ijaw nation to be united in order to confront the political system ahead of 2023. 

The Ijaw music kingpin noted that if the Ijaws are truly united in speaking one voice, there is hardly any thing that will prevent the ethnic nationality from having a taste of the Governorship of the state come 2023. 

He particularly wondered on why since the creation of Delta State in 1991 till date, despite the political and economic viability of the Ijaws in Delta State, the people have not been given the right to occupy the office of the Governor since creation of the state.

In the two track album, Takemebo dedicated the first track to the Lord Almighty, adding that God remains supreme hence he committed the Delta Ijaw 2023 Governorship race into the hands of God. 

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The Ijaw music chieftain stated that there is nothing that is too difficult to achieve by the Ijaws if they come together and speak in one voice, he said whether the people like it or not, the Delta 2023 Governorship is for the Ijaw ethnic nationality. 

Chief Kingsley Takemebo particularly called on prominent Ijaw politicians in Delta State, the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide, INC, business men and women, youths and others to work ahead of 2023. 

The mienkuro noted that he is aware that there is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Delta State, stressing that the issue of Ijaws producing the next Governor of the state should not be solely a party affair but rather the interest of Ijaw nation should be paramount as to producing the next Governor of the state. 

The song later buttressed the point that Ijaws have suffered too much politically in the hands of other tribes in the state as he alleged that after working to produce Governors of other tribes in the state, the gains given to the Ijaws have always been minimal.

He argued that it is now time for Deltans to see reasons with the Ijaws in terms of producing the next Governor of the state, adding that it has been painful to note that since the creation of Delta State, Ijaws with their economic and political contributions have not been given the chance to produce the next Governor of the state. 

Meanwhile, Chief Kingsley had particularly called on his fans worldwide and all lovers of Ijaw music to grab a copy of the album in the market to get  full gist of the scintillating and eye opening message.

The music album has been distributed to record stores in Warri, Bayelsa, Bomadi, Patani and other states housing the Ijaws since last week. 

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