Niger Delta Ex-militant Leader Battles With Life As Wife Appeals For Financial Help

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Doctors managing the case of high blood pressure condition of the third phase chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, General Ebi John in Bayelsa state have called for serious medical attention to save the life of their patient who is under going treatment in an undisclosed health facility in Yenagoa. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report 

Speaking with this reporter in an exclusive interview in Yenagoa, Doctor Azebi Michael explained that the hypertensive condition of his patient, General John was 169/104 which indicates that the case has reached the second stage of high blood pressure which could result in kidney failure, stroke, among other health conditions, if not given required treatment on time.

Meanwhile, wife of General Ebi John has appealed to public spirited individuals and corporate organisations to come to her husband’s aid, adding that they needed money to pay the bills which were piling and that her husband’s health condition was getting more frightening by the day. 

It will be recalled that hypertension stage 2 is a chronic condition that is diagnosed upon readings that put a person’s systolic pressure at more than 160, with a diastolic pressure of higher than 100.

Those suffering from this condition will often be required to take several different medications in order to keep this condition under control through the lowering of blood pressure. 

Hypertension Stage two means that the heart has to work hard too to ensure supply of the entire tissue in the body.

There are a myriad of risks associated with the onset of Hypertension Stage 2. For one, hypertension is a huge risk factor for peripheral arterial disease, chronic kidney disease, aneurysms within the arteries, strokes and basic heart disease. 

Those with this condition will also find that it can even lower life expectancy. There are also two different diseases that a person with Hypertension Stage 2 is at risk of developing, if left untreated, including coronary artery disease and what is known as hypertensive heart disease.

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