Productive Leadership: Media Team Appeals To PDP Delegates To Consider Pondi

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By Binebai Princewill 

The Hon. Julius Pondi 2023 Media Team has appealed to supposed delegates in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State to vote for their principal who is currently representing Burutu Federal Constituency with visible track records across the local government. 

While speaking on the personality of Hon. Julius Pondi, member representing Burutu Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, the media team had noted that a vote for Pondi is a vote for more progress in Burutu Local Government.

The team had asserted that the only reason for a change of representation has always been unproductive leadership, stressing that Pondi is doing justice to the multifaceted issues bedeviling the local government and the entire Niger Delta region at large, adding that reelecting him will make a lot of sense to the people of Burutu Federal Constituency. 

This was contained in an article published by the media team on its official Facebook page, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide. 

The piece reads below:


Burutu Local Government area is as old as Nigeria and it is blessed with great human and capital resources, and a rich cultural and historical heritage.With all of these sophistication, it is a clear indication that the people of Burutu will not base their choice of candidate on crude beer parlour style arguments- suggesting we sacrifice competence and the much coveted Ranking within the national legislative cadre on the altar of Zoning.

This is why we invite delegates of our Great party to look ernestly at the progress made so far by a Quintessential legislator and the people’s Representative; Rt Hon Julius Pondi, the member representing Burutu federal constituency on the floor of the national assembly. 

In the history of representation, the only reason to change a legislator is for poor performance and that is the only time phrase like ‘Credible alternative’ gains prominence, but in this case, the incumbent is seeking reelection on the basis of a very high and in fact the highest score card in the history of Burutu federal constituency. 

Therefore, as the time for delegate election of our People’s Democratic party approaches, the delegates of Burutu must do their best to do justice and return the people’s given mandate to Rt Hon Julius Pondi for more quality representation at the green chambers of the National Assembly. 

He has exemplified credibility, intergrity and innovation in the discharge of his constitutional duties and beyond, as a member house of representatives. 

No wonder senior and prominent citizens of Burutu and beyond have continued to attest of his legislative prowess and the incredible results he has produced within the short time, even as a member of the minority in the National assembly. 

This noble cause of credible continuity of Rt Hon Julius Pondi in the national assembly in 2023 lies in the hands of the delegates of our party to determine without prejudice, but with an eye single on the developmental benefit of our people should he be returned- a ranking and performing member to the National assembly. 

The Voice of Burutu people through Rt Hon Julius Pondi has long become a national voice and his return will only amplify our voices to international pedigree. 

Dear delegates, As you plan to Vote for Rt Hon Julius Pondi for his return to the National Assembly in 2023, we urge you to do so, knowing that you are serving the greater good of the Burutu people and increasing his momentum to bring more dividends of democracy to our people.

Hon Pondi Media team 2023

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