Rep Thomas Moves Motion, Wants Immediate Reinstatement Of Retrenched Workers In Warri Refinery – The Liberator 

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By Binebai Princewill
The member representing Warri Federal Constituency, Hon. (Chief ) Thomas Ereyitomi has kicked against the recent move by the Petrochemical Company in the Warri refinery, Delta State for retrenching over 300 workers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Warri Federal Lawmaker, Hon. Thomas expresses outright displeasure on the floor of the house of representatives yesterday while moving a motion on the need for the House to intervene urgently on the termination of over 300 casual workers in the Warri refinery Petrochemical company in Delta State.
The motion which was seconded by Rep. Gibeon Goroki frowned at the development, wondering on why the said company will embark on such act despites warning from the federal government to companies and other agencies not to lay off workers, using the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse.
Rep. Ereyitomi stated that he had earlier petitioned the continuous casualization of the staff in the Warri petrochemical company on the floor of the House, the matter he stated is still before the House committee on Public Petitions and hence he is alarmed that the company went ahead to terminate the staff during this pandemic period against the blanket and explicit directive of the Federal government against such an act.
He called on the company to immediately reinstate the retrenched workers.
Meanwhile, there was an amendment to inform the House to add the Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company in the prayers of the motion as it also recently laid off about 175 casual staff.
The motion was voted on and adopted as amended.

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