Seibi Tackle Itsekiris, Want Ijaws To Be Carried Along In Warri South

By Binebai Princewill 

An Ijaw Youth leader in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State, Prince Seibi Tarede has called for the unity of Ijaws, Itsekiris and Urhobos in the Local Government Area ahead of 2023 and beyond. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report.

The youth leader made the call in a recent statement he signed and published on his Facebook timeline, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide. 
In his statement, Seibi Tarede had called on his Itsekiri brothers in Warri South to consider the Ijaws in the Local Government to ensure that the Ijaws become councillors in Okere, Bowen, Pessu, GRA Wards come 2024 in Warri South. 

According to him, the alleged political slavery orchestrated by the Itsekiris against the Ijaws in Warri South is gradually heading to a boiling point, stressing that something positive has to be done about it.

The statement reads below:

Ijaws, Itsekiris, Urhobos/Isokos, We Are One

Good morning ladies and gentlemen I bring greetings to you all.

First and foremost, Warri belongs to each and everyone of us, the earlier we accept that in our minds the better for us,  Warri use to be a city of glory, we use to have all that we need as a people to survive but today all is gone, all our ports, oil companies and industries are all gone because we choose not to live in peace and harmony.

Thank God for the little peace we have now that we are living in peace and harmony, some of our leaders from the three major tribes in Warri have started beating the political drums of disunity among us again, at first the king of the Itsekiri  nation made a statement that all political offices in Warri South Local Government belonged to the Itsekiri nation alone that it is their birth right, the Urhobos and ijaws responded that the Itsekiri people are not the only people living in Warri South and that the state governor should call the king to order, a day after the Ijaws responded to the Itsekiri  nation’s statement, a group under the Itsekiri people also responded by calling the Ijaws of Warri South tenants in warri that we the Ijaws have no land in Warri knowing quite well that the Ijaws are the occupant of NPA area down to market road Ogbe Ijoh market so on.

Until  now,  our Itsekiri  brothers and sisters are still playing tribalistic politics in Warri South local government, these are my reasons:

No ijaw person have been given the opportunity to represent the good people of Warri South in G.R.A ward 05 pessu ward, Bowen ward and okere ward respectively, I know we’re minority in these Wards but in politics minority doesn’t count all the time if it does, then the Itsekiri  nation wouldn’t  have produced a governor in DELTA STATE.

 The Ijaws are peace loving people, we take the Itsekiris as our people too that is why we work very hard to deliver our 3 Ijaw speaking local government councils to them even though the Itsekiris are minority, knowing fully well that the Ijaws ought to have contested for it as a majority in Delta South, the Ijaws forfeited it for our Itsekiri  brother because of the love we have for the Itsekiri  nation so why is it so hard for the Itsekiris to support and make us councillor in all these Wards that I just mentioned. 

You will agree with me that the Itsekiris are playing tribalistic  politics,  if not, they will prove it come 2024.  We the Ijaws will be contesting in all these Wards I just mentioned, let us  see if they will support and give us the party ticket to contest.

Secondly, they should give us party membership card because it has come to my notice that all Ijaws working with the party for years now doesn’t have a membership card even the immediate pass S.A to the local government chairman Hon Michael Tidi does not have a membership card and I ask him why, he said the party chairman kept on telling him to  wait for all these years, i  have seen that it is a deliberate act to fence the Ijaws so that they can never be voted for but can only vote without any sense of belonging that is why they are blocking any means for our Ijaw communities to be registered in Warri south local government so we don’t have local government of origin which is unacceptable to us.

I am calling on the local government chairman to please look into our plea if not, our votes from now on are not for sale,  we don’t belong to any political party since we don’t have membership card, we will embrace any political leader who have our interest at heart, i have learnt that Itsekiri  nation is clamoring for the Delta south senatorial seat, sometimes it amazes me on how such will be possible when you are minority unless the Ijaws support the Itsekiris that is when they will be victorious and a concrete agreement will be signed that he is going to work for the favour of the ijaws in Warri South local government that is the candidate we are going to support and work for come 2023.

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Signed:Comrade Prince Tarede SeibiContact:09039985674

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