Poem: Frank congratulates Tompolo on birth anniversary, describes him as a living legend – The Liberator 


By Binebai Princewill

Barr. Frank Ekpemupolo has described high Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, the Ibe-ebidouwei of Ijaw nation as a living legend in the Niger Delta region.
In what appears to be a different and unique dimension of celebrating the generalissimo of the Niger Delta region, Barr. Frank Ekpemupolo had painstakingly taken his time to compose a poem detailing the heroism of Tompolo.
The legal practitioner particularly noted that Tompolo’s mission on earth is divine, hence no amount of gang up can bring him down, adding that he must continue to soar high in the midst of difficult situations orchestrated by men of questionable characters.
The poem reads in below:

Tompolo my Niger Delta

Odokorikodo our proud warrior in the ancestral creek of Niger Delta.

Niger Delta of whom your forefathers lived

Indeed their blood flows in your veins

Your beautiful Ijaw blood that irrigates the land
Niger Delta
The blood of your sweat
The sweat of your work

The work of your slavery

Tompolo, tell me Odokorikodo

Is this your back that is unbent

The back that never breaks under the weight of humiliation

The back trembling with red scars

And saying no to the whip

under the midday sun

But a grave voice(Odokorikodo) answers me

Impulsive child, that tompolo, young and strong

That tompolo over there

Splendidly alone amidst white and faded flowers

That is your Niger Delta springing up anew and springing up patiently

Whose soil bit by bit acquires
The bitter taste of liberty

Oh Tompolo my Niger Delta

The more the Government awaits your death

The more you are like the queen in the game of chess

Your advancement has no limit.

Indeed you are a government by birth

No government made by man can unseat you

That is why you are called

Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo at birth

May your back remain unbent our hero

Happy birthday Odokorikodo

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