Donald Trump gives reason for suspending immigration – The Liberator


U.S. President, Donald Trump has given reason for his new executive order, which temporarily suspended immigrant visas.

Trump, speaking to newsmen on Wednesday evening at the White House, said he made the decision to protect American workers as the country prepares to reopen for business.

According to him, this will put American workers who lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus pandemic in line to regain employment when the economy reopens.

He added that the order would last for 60 days which may be reviewed and extended at the appropriate time.

“In order to protect our great American workers I have just signed an executive order temporarily suspending immigration into the United States.

“This will ensure that unemployed Americans of all backgrounds will be first in line for jobs as our economy reopens,” he said.

The President added that the move would “preserve our healthcare resources for American patients” affected by the disease.

Newsmen report that immigrant visas are those issued to foreigners approved to move permanently to the U.S.

Some immigrant visas also are granted to those who have jobs waiting for them, including nurses.

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