Fresh scadal rocks NDDC as calls for Akpabio’s sack, desolution of IMC intensifies  – The Liberator 


By Binebai Princewill

Disturbed by alleged massive frauds rocking the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), a group operating under the auspices of Ijaw Interest Advocates (IIA), otherwise known as the Izanzan Intellectual Camp has uncovered fraud running into billions in the commission.
The Ijaw Interest Advocates had called on President Muhammadu Buhari to Sack Akpabio and terminate his NDDC Interim Management Committee, stressing that the committee has no bearing as it has become a conduit pipe in milking the commission dry.
The group revealed that Akpabio surreptitiously hoodwinked the commission to award a whopping 5.5Billion naira Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) contract without even the knowledge of Niger Deltans.
They also revealed that Sen. Akpabio had also through the NDDC awarded over 4 billion naira contract for the supply of Lassa Fever Equipments in the Niger Delta region, a situation the group described as uncalled for but a ploy for more looting in the commission, adding that it is a misplaced priority.
The Izanzan Intellectual Camp made this shocking revelation via a statement issued to newsmen in Warri yesterday, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspaper, signed by the national coordinator of the Ijaw Interest Advocates, Amb. Arerebo Yerinmene Salaco.
The Intellectual Lieutenants called on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately constitute a panel of enquiry to investigate Akpabio and his activities with a view of sacking him.
They said the EFCC must not sleep by going after Akpabio as corruption is becoming endemic in NDDC Akpabio’s supervision.
The statement reads in full below:
Covid-19: Approximately 5.5Billion Naira Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) & Sensitization Campaign NDDC Contract Is Another Flimflam (Fraud)- IIA
It is a clear factuality that the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) is a cocoa farm to few Niger Delta leaders that are privileged to be part of the Buhari’s government while the region is left abandoned and the people wailing over the enhancement of impoverishment, poverty and absolute developmental neglect.
Presumably, the mission and vision of the commission has been bastardized by corrupt leaders like Akpabio and his cohorts hence the already existing peace in the Niger Delta region is at stake if the likes of Akpabio is not suspended and promptly investigated.
We have clearly realized that the IMC Akpabio constituted and placed under his supervision is to Jeopardize the commission and continually pillage the treasury of the Niger Delta People which must be resisted by any means necessary.
We shall never be alive and watch someone destroying a system that he was never part off nor sacrificed anything in the struggle that give birth to NDDC and other interventional agencies to crumble the commission that was created primarily to address the developmental fears of the Niger Delta region.
Severally we had drawn the attention of the EFCC and President Buhari over the on going looting in the commission under the supervision of Senator Godswill Akpabio.
Haven’t heard from the presidency and the EFCC over the series of plea mentioned above, we are tempted to declare that President Buhari is not only politically biased but highly selective and sectional in the fight against corruption in the country.
However, it will also shock Niger Deltans to note that, for the first instant, Akpabio directed the IMC to release the sum of Four Billion, Ninety Six Million Seven Hundred and Ninety Eight Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Two Naira (#4,096,798,332.50) for the supply of Lassa Fever Equipment contract which is shown in a document marked ‘Hvi’ wherein there’s no equipment supplied as the Niger Delta State has not recorded any case of Lassa fever.
The payments are made for; Maternal Delivery Kits at -N1,128,750,000.00, Cholera Vaccines at -N680,000,000.00, Lassa Fever Protective Kits at -N1,092,283,500.00 and Outstanding Science Equipment at -N292,764,832.50, all amounting to (#4,096,798,332.50).
For the sake of clarification and to clear some level of skepticism; uncertainty, we have resolved to bring to the public a document; an award letter dated April 6th 2020, with a Ref number NDDC/MD/HPU/20/4/EHSS/05 shows that NDDC awarded Five Billion Four Hundred and Seventy Four Million Six Hundred and Forty Seven Thousand One Hundred Twenty Five Naira(#5,474,647,125.00) for procurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for health workers and provision of community based sensitization Campaign Against the spread of Covid-19 and other communicable diseases in the Nine state of the Niger Delta region to Signora Concept Services Limited.
While we leave the reading public to savvy a guess as to the motive behind this contract, we will like ask some questions begging for answers;
1. Why should Akpabio and IMC give priority attention to projects that are not bordering the mindset of the Niger Delta people?

2. How many communities in the Niger Delta regions were sensitised through this medium over the spread of the CoronaVirus since the outbreak of the disease?

3. If the affirmative to question 2 is No then where did the money go into?

4. Why not use the money to construct major road across the coastal communities or use the fund to provide drinkable water systems to the various communities?

Mr. Akpabio should know that as young intellectuals, we are aware of the abracadabra game he is playing in looting the common wealth of the people and he should also be aware that his days are numbered. It is Akpabio best interest to resign and summit himself to the EFCC else we shall have no other option than to fight to the latter.
We are again reiterating our stand that Senator Godswill Akpabio must and should be suspended and be investigated by the EFCC and the forensic audit should commence immediately otherwise the crude oil from all Ijaw territories shall never be used to fund the present corruption going on at the NDDC.

National Coordinator Ijaw Interest Advocates

Amb. Arerebo Yerinmene Salaco.

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