Civil Society groups backs mass transfer of police SP/CSP from Delta command – The Liberator 

By Ndu Samuel, Asaba
Amidst criticisms, some Civil Society Organizations (CSO) has thrown their weight behind the mass transfer of 62 Superintendent/ Chief Superintendent of Police of Southern extraction from Delta State command to the Northern part of the country.
The CSOs which comprise of Conference for the Actualization of Human Right, Value Rebirth and Empowerment Initiative, Civil Right Council and Ijaw Peoples Development Initiatives noted that there is need for a holistic look at the issues raised before criticizing the action.
In a release jointly signed by Omes Ogedegbe, Esq., Pastor Edewor Egedegbe, Comr. Emmanuel Agbubi, and Comr. Ozobo Austin, Director General, Executive Director, Coordinator and National Coordinator respectively, the groups said that the Delta State command have been immense in corruption due to prolong stay of the officers in the state.
They said “We are in possession of the letter dated 30th April, 2020 posting and transferring SPOs and the negative impression same is generating amongst some state indigenes who feels the mass transfer is aimed at promoting ethnic agenda.”
“Firstly, we must as a people realize we do not have a sectional police force as the Nigeria Police is a creature of the constitution headed by the Inspector General of Police.”
“The corruption of the Nigeria Police Force in general and especially the Delta State Police Command in particular is very alarming hence the human right community paid a Working visit on the Delta State Commissioner of Police upon his resumption in Delta State and made a demand on the commissioner of police to read the riot act to all police officers under his command.”
“The Delta State police command was bedeviled by officers who over time have become inextricably intermingled in corrupt practices with senior police officers receiving kickbacks from very junior officers who act as field workers with whom they fearlessly rob Deltans at gun point as virtually all checkpoints are revenue collection points.”
“There is no gainsaying that the human right community has collectively written several petitions against these set of police officers for their personal involvement in corrupt practices or on grounds of vicarious liabilities.”
“The Nigeria police force is one, as corruption in the Delta State police command became the order of the day due to the prolonged stay of majority of the officers attached to the Delta State police command.”
“That we even have over 62 SP/CSP of the Southern extraction in Delta State is very alarming. Those criticizing the posting on grounds it promote Ethnicity ought to justify their claim but to hinge same on a likely attack of Fulani herdsmen attack is laughable and most unfortunate as one begin to wonder if transferring 62 SP/CSP would open our state to Fulani herdsmen attack while on the reverse therefore one is tempted to ask how come their presence never prevented the attack all the while.”
“Who would have believed that our state was a constant victim of Fulani Herdsmen attack while we have over 62 SP/CSPs of Southern extraction without any outrage or outcry from them? “
“The Delta state police Command deserve a total over hauling and should not end with the transfer of the 62 SP/CSP.”
“We are criticizing the transfer because it has affected 62 SP/CSPs whereas if it were to be the constables, corporals, sergeant and Inspectors majority of us would have remained passive.”
“That a thing like this has not happened before has continuously justified the old order. So if it must happen one day for the change we seek in Delta State to manifest, so be it. While we do not see the need to criticize the mass transfer, we demand that same be extended to the none senior police officers who truly are the executioners acting for the SPs/CSPs.”
“I think it is imperative we ask the police commissioner at this point how many SPs/CSPs of Northern extraction are in the Delta State police command, that none was affected by this mass transfer leaves much to be desired.”

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