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By Binebai Princewill

A rising star in the Nigerian entertainment industry popularly known as Lizberg Anemene has released a new hit song titled ‘Love Ocean’ featuring a big name in the industry superstar Harrysong.

The song is currently trending online on different platforms including YouTube, reaching and getting reactions from millions of people around the World.

The genre of the music is Afro pop, a love song obviously appreciating the unquenchable love he has for his fiancee with superlative lyrics.

When contacted what triggered him into composing and releasing the song, the Ayakoromo born emerging music star explained that he had been heart broken for some time now from his previous relationship, for reasons he wouldn’t want to disclose, it was prior before now his conclusion that he might not be falling in love with anyone anymore, considering what he has grappled with in his previous relationship.

He continued that, there is a certain girl in his life now that seems to be defeating his earlier stance of not falling in love again.

Lizberg asserted that he is once again so much in love with a particular girl in his life, stressing that the story about his love which eventually gave birth to this latest hit song, Love Ocean is not a fiction but a real life experience he personally had.

In his words: “The song is all about my feelings towards my new relationship after I was heart broken in my last relationship, I was thinking I will not fall in love anymore but here I am swimming in ‘Love Ocean”.

The music, love ocean is released under the Pinaza Records, a record label making waves in the country, he expresses the deep feelings he has for his new found love, Lizberg maintained that he hardly think of anything without this certain lady, stating that the love he has for her have changed him like a chameleon.

The music is a bilingual song with a blend of English and the Ijaw dialect, the sound and the music in its entirety is so electrifying with the beat cum studio work launched the song to an international quality.

Every line cum stanza of the song is well crafted as one can’t dare to listen to this scintillating song with sonorous voices of superstar Harrysong and Lizberg without shaking his or her body, what a deadly combination.

The music is highly intoxicating, young Lizberg had in the music expressed his readiness to perform all marital rites as he is going crazy about her in each passing day.

Lizberg tactically and lyrically drive home the point that he can’t eat and sleep without her, adding that love is blind as one can’t be wise in love, he maintained that he cares less on whatever anyone would say about his new found love as he is now swimming in the Ocean of Love.

The entrance of Harrysong into the song wth his shrill and nightingale voice added a new dimension to the song as music lovers can’t waite to nod their heads to the rythmes of the song.

However, the Love Ocean master, Lizberg had appreciated Pinaza Records for the rare opportunity given to him, promising the record label and his fans never to disappoint them as he will continue to evolve positively in making them proud with his God given talent.

Some other hit song by the young entertainer include “Life has, Ebiere fine pass Diana ” with the host of several others.

Love Ocean by Lizberg featuring Harrysong is now the talk of the town in Delta State and beyond.

You can click the link below to confirm the high volume of creativity embeded in the song by listening to it online.

Love Ocean:

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