It Is the turn of Ijaws to be Governor in 2023 as the “Osusu” circle has been completed – Bozimo

Former Governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan (CON) has said the Ijaws supported him to be Governor of Delta State from 2007 to 2015 and their clamour for an Ijaw govenror in 2023 was not out of place but very critical and important request. Dr Uduaghan who stated this when he received a high powered delegation led by Alaowei Broderick Bozimo on behalf of the Delta Ijaw for Governor 2023 Lobby Team at his home in Warri said the itsekiri are more closer to the Ijaw as an ethnic group. He said he was excited that the Ijaws are now coming together politically to speak in one voice and expressed hope that the Ijaws will trim their sons who are interested in becoming Governor to one for easy marketing.

“I am happy that the ijaw people politically are coming together to say first we want this position, secondly these are the people interested in the position and i want to advice that you go and trim those who are interested and make it one, it will make it marketable”

He said the trio of the Deputy Governor, Deacon Kingsley Otuaro, Senator James Manager (CON) and Dr Braduze Angozi who have indicated interest are all eminently qualified to govern Delta State.

“The three names you have mentioned are all well known to us, they are capable, anyone of them” .

The former Governor said as an individual, he had an already answer for the request of the ijaws for Governor in 2023 but he needed to consult with the Itsekiri nation and will get back to the Ijaws on their position because the Ijaw request was made to the Itsekiri Nation.

Uduaghan said “if its for me I know the answer to give you but I will consult Itsekiri nation, I have heard all you said, we will discuss among ourselves and come back to you, but we too we have our request, you scratch my back i scratch your back”

“It is a request on behalf of the Itsekiri nation but the Ijaw nation request is very important, i had great support from the Ijaw people during my elections as governor”

Dr Uduaghan expressed delight that the ethnic strain between the ijaws and itsekirs have been wiped out as inter ethnic marriages have been taking place ………”today the ethnic strain that was there at that period have been wiped out, we are back to friendship, inter ethnic marriage are now going on”.

He used the opportunity to clarify that there was no strain in the relationship between him and elder statesman Chief E.K Clark describing him as his father and leader.

Earlier, the Leader of the Delta Ijaw for Governor 2023 Lobby team and former Minister of Police Affairs, Alaowei Broderick Bozimo said the Ijaws were not opposed to the PDP zoning of offices in the state stressing that the Ijaws have the desire to become give in 2023 as people from Delta South Senatorial District.

“We have a special mission to ask for your favour, the mission I have led, we are not against the PDP zoning but then we have already completed the first round, like osusu, it doesn’t mean it must start from you again, life is not like that” stressing that ‘the Ijaw clamour for governor was not about ethnicity but fairness, justice and equity”.

Alaowei Bozimo pleaded with the Itsekiri nation to support the Ijaws for governor in 2023 as the Ijaws supported other senatorial districts for governor.

He said the Ijaws have waited for twenty four years while others have just waited for sixteen years saying that the Ijaws are also human beings who want to occupy the office of governor.

The former Minister said the Ijaws and itsekiris have so many things in common judging from their terrain, sufferings and have age long relationship adding that it was not about ethnicity but Delta South and Ijaw.

He told the Itsekiri leaders that the group will also visit former Governor James Ibori on the issue describing him as a leader to the Ijaw people.

“In due course we will go and explain to him, Ibori stood for Alameseigha on resource control, he is a friend of the ijaws and he is referred to as the deputy governor general of the Ijaw nation”, Bozimo concluded.

The Ijaw delegation among others include Alaowei Broderick Bozimo, Gen. Broderick Demeyeibo rtd, Hon. K.O Preyor, (Deputy Majority Leader DTHA) Hon. Emomotimi Guwor, (DTHA), Hon.(Dr.) Barry Gbe, ( Commissioner for Economic Planning Delta State), Hon. Emmanuel Angbaduba (Commissioner nominee), Hon.(Chief) Daniel O. Yingi, (Special Adviser Nominee), Chief J.T Government, (Governoring Board Chairman,  Delta State School of Marine Technology Burutu),Barr. Neworld Safugha, (Former Commissioner for Energy), Hon. Paul Kurugbe, (Member SPEB), Barr. David P. Ekerokosu, (former Commissioner, Oil and Gas), Chief James Nieketein, SSA to the Governor, Hon. Stella Agidee SSA to the Governor,Hon.Collins Olorogun, SSA to the Governor,Eng.Ezonfade Oyakemeagbegha- INC Publicity Secretary,Hon. Joel Bisina, PhD, Former Commissioner, Dr. Chris Ekiyor, former President IYC, Eric Omare, Former President, IYC, Dr. Doubra Collins Okotete – IYC  Western Zone Chairman, Hon.Bebeteidoh W. Austin, Prof. R.K. Moruku,  Admiralty University, Rt. Rev. Godwins Soroaye, Roland Oweilaemi, former President, IYC, Chief  Aribogha Johnny (JP),Chief, Mr. Ekenwan Akwagbe, Chief Robert Afuruku, Eng. Dr. John Agori, Eng. Plus Donyegha, Chief L. Tiemo, Hon.(Mrs,) Patricia Orounagha, Dr. Brodrick Tumbo, Barr. Fred E. Owotorufa, former General Manager, Security, Chevron and NNPC, Fanty Goodness Owotorufa (Mrs),Hon. Barr. Alaowei Cleric S.A to the Governor, Hon. Ebipade Agbor, S.A to the Governor, Hon. Brenda Ayapaye, llan Egbegi, Chief M. Jerry Otuaro Esq,Hon. Ekiyorkeyi Asiyai, Hon. Gloria Okubodogha, Comr. Moses Fiyebor, Comr. Okporu Ebi Augustine, Mr. Francis  Abulu,Victor Ikpa, Hon. (Chief) Roland Kemefa, Hon. Korokorosei Sagbegha, Hon.Tina Yinkore, Education E.T, Kebbi Oyas, Mr. Funebi Numupeide, Barr. Robinson Esite, Mr. Kemezode Tobi, Eng. Emmanuel Obolu, Chief Pères Oloye, Comr Eniekebi Joseph, Hon. Ken Oyakemeagbegha, Hon. Andazi Juliet, Madam Regina Abamene, Tessy Tangbowei, Arch. Willson Oki, Apostle Oti John, Tam Forteta, Jerry Otuaro Esq, among others

While the Itsekiri delegation had H. E Dr.Emmanuel E. Uduaghan (CON), Hon. (Chief) Thomas Ereyitomi, Member FHR, Abuja, Chief Solomon Arenyenka, Hon. (Mrs) Irene Imilar, Hon. Jackson Omatsola, Hon. Misan Ukubenyinje, Hon. Vincent Uduaghan, Chief Eyituoyo Maku, Hon. Tim Orugboh, Hon. Godwin Toju Abigor, Hon.Tunde Fregene, Mrs. Mercy Hesse, Mrs. Jolomi Dabor, Mrs Esther Okotie-Eboh, Hon. Kenneth Efejuku, Andrew Megbele, Emmanuel Amiwero, Meyiwa Erewa, Hon. Freeman Fregene, Mr Victor Agbateyiniro, Scott Eyenuro, Blesson Omadoye and Goddy Omadoye.

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