Diebiri-Batan Community Elders Writes Okowa, Wants His EA Ako Tamed Over Looming Insecurity

By Binebai Princewill 

Elders of the Igade 7 Concern family in Diebiri-Batan Community, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State have written to His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State to call his Executive Assistant (EA), Pst. Samuel Ako to order before he plunges Diebiri-Batan Community into a battle field. 

The call was made by Elder James Osuobiri Lude, most elderly man in the Igade 7 Concern familes of Diebiri-Batan Community, Diebiri Clan via a statement he personally signed and issued to newsmen in Warri yesterday, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide. 

Elder James noted that Pst Ako have led some group of people to vandalised the   community town hall causing unnecessary tension in the hitherto peaceful Diebiri-Batan community, adding that “Pst. Samuel Ako, Executive Assistant (EA) to Governor Okowa on Peace and Conflict Resolution, Mr Emmanuel Orubu, Chairman, Diebiri Governing Council, Godwin Yokiri, President, Diebiri Youths Council and others have recently ganged up to forcefully install and opposing another executives different from our current existing Diebiri-Batan community executive to run a parallel government in the community.”

Elder Lude particularly noted that events rocking the once peaceful oil bearing Diebiri-Batan community within the last few days calls for great concern, adding that if Pst. Samuel Ako is not tamed now, Diebiri-Batan Community may explode if nothing is done on the part of the state government and security agencies.

In his words: “The elders of Diebiri-Batan community call on Governor IFEANYI ARTHUR OKOWA and all security agencies in Delta State to caution Pst Samuel Ako on his dubious and forceful activities in Diebiri-Batan Community. 

“in 1995 due to the communal crisis between Ogbe-Ijoh and Aladja community, Our ancestral Clan Head that gave Birth to us DIEBIRI COMMUNITY  which is at Warri environ with land boundary with Uwian/Aladja community in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State was raised down by the Aladja people. 

“Our Diebiri community was invaded and demolished by Aladja people because of the communal crisis between Ogbe-Ijoh and Aladja, reason being that the Diebiri community is an Ijaw speaking community, on that note we the Diebiri people have no where to go or run to, Since 1995 till date, OUR ancient Diebiri as a Clan and hoping Kingdom have Four children that established their own verious communities within Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State.

“Diebiri-Batan community is generally called Batan flowstation/community up till date, which is the Igade 7 concerned families community that i happened to be the elderly man in this present stage, in 1995,  Diebiri-Batan community accommodated all Diebiri sons and daughters that are not related to the IGADE 7 concerned Families of Diebiri-Batan Community, Because our Headquarter which is Diebiri town was invaded and demolished by Aladja people and we can’t allow our brothers and sisters that are not related to the IGADE 7 CONCERNED FAMILIES to be roaming about and floating in the street. 

“Diebiri-Batan community is Lucky to be one of the oil rich and autonomous Community in our  emerging Diebiri Kingdom, in Batan field OML42 DELTA STATE. 

we all resided in Diebiri-Batan community to enable us unite ourselves and to plan on how we can relocate back to our main Diebiri Town peacefully while  we are hoping for the Delta State government to do that for us. 

“His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State,  Sir you know that our youths have been calling on your attention in respect of this inhuman and deliberate ugly act by Aladja people, which have put 99% percent of Diebiri Sons and daughter’s in a frustrating state, Diebiri Town have an executive call Diebiri Governing Council, her duty is to see the day to day affairs of the Diebiri community, and call on the Sub communities leaders and plan to resolve the issues affecting the Clan/Kingdom in general and the sub communities, in my life on earth I have  never seen either heard when a kingdom, Clan or autonomous community will constitute an hidden executive and radically opposed them on his Sub Communities that have their own ruling family executives” . Elder Lude stated. 

On his part, Engr. Don Dickson Ogugu, former Chairman of Diebiri-Batan Community in July 2015 – July 2017, cum opinion leader said ” the aide to Governor Okowa, Pst Samuel Ako, was the Diebiri governing  council chairman when we were in Diebiri main town before it was raised down in 1995 by the Aladja people, His Excellency sir, Pst Ako has always been hiding under the shadow of Diebiri Governing Council using the Diebiri Clan name for his personal interest. 

 “While good spirited Diebiri sons and daughters are praying to God almighty to help us touch heart of Deltans and the Government to work toward our resettlement in Diebiri Town, also planning and hoping to make sure that our ancient Diebiri Clan should be recognized as a Kingdom, due to the circumstances surrounding the ancient Diebiri Clan in general that we don’t have a King for now and by the time we have a King we will be recognized as a kingdom unanimously, hence the need to plan together via meetings in order to draft a constitution together to make sure that the Delta State Government, Izon National Leaders and Political stakeholders should recognize Diebiri as one of the Izon Speaking Kingdoms in warri Delta State.

“While we are on this process drafting our emerging  Kingdom Constitution, Pst Samuel Ako and our proposed Paramount Ruler CHIEF JG ORUBU are always on the side of using the Constitution and Diebiri name to subdue and enslave the rightful owners of Diebiri-Batan community, Pst Samuel Ako as an opinion leader is in control of his own grandfathers  communities e.g

1) Kokologbene community. 

2) Kebigbene 1. 

3) Kebigbene 2. 

4) Ereseigbene. 

5) Eresinegbene and many more. 

“Pastor Ako have never in any day allowed any of us to benefit from those communities been owned by his great grandfathers mentioned above. 

“Kokologbene community is from Igbonbiri quarter in Diebiri Clan, i am also from that same quarter, but the Kokologbene was established by Pst Ako,s grandfathers and, while my own grandfathers established 

While Diebiri-Batan Community is from IGADEWARE QUARTER Specifically.
Pst Ako has been controlling his own communities, installing executive by himself taking revenue by himself and discussing with companies by himself on behalf of the  above mentioned communities and also monopolizing the 

Diebiri-Batan community that belong to the Igade Concerned families from IGADEWARE QUARTER in Diebiri Clan.

“In 2010, Pst Samuel Ako was re-elected as Diebiri Governing Council chairman to pilot the affairs of Diebiri Clan but dew to the fact that the rightful owners of the Diebiri-Batan community has been sidelined and enslaved in their own fathers community by Pst Ako and his political gladiators ganged up  since 1995 when Diebiri-Batan Community accommodated the entire Diebiri Clan since people due to  the invasion and demolition by Aladja people in1995. 

“We unanimously gather as a family and make sure that there won’t be any election in Diebiri-Batan community due to the fighting, destruction of community property, rigging of election process in favour of aspirants, oppression and instigating native war by the external Diebiri people that are not related to Diebiri-Batan Community. 

“While Mr Alex Ebi Fenimine who was one time Chairman in 2001-2003 was luckily in a platter of gold reappointed as Chairman, Diebiri-Batan Community in 2010, due to conflict that rocked the community  owing to the  election between Mike Douglas, and Meshack Feminine in 2010.

“Mr Mike Douglas and Late Meshack  Feminine they were chairmanship aspirants in Diebiri-Batan community then, may his soul resl in peace, at that time Pst Samuel Ako as the Chairman in Diebiri Governing Council and our proposed paramount ruler of our emerging Kingdom by the Grace of God in the person of CHIEF JG ORUBU Manipulated the Mr Meshack Fenimine Victory in favour of Mr Mike Douglas, and they instigated the conflict during the election process that caused serious problems between the two aspirants to the extent that even when the Local Government Chairman in WSW then tries to resolve it,  there was  no major conclusion, parents begin to fight themselves and the youths were fighting themselves, Pst Samuel Ako was using that privilege of disunity to supersede and oversee every other activities that was taking place in Diebiri-Batan community in  the name of Diebiri Governing Council , it was later  resolved  by the Local Government Chairman and some prominent leaders like chief Favour Izoukumor and others who advised that they should desolved  the election between Mr Mike Douglas and Late Meshack Feminine and conduct fresh election again. 

“And we all agreed including the elders council, leaders, youths and women, in the fresh re-run election Mr Alex Ebi Feminine emerged as the new Chairman of Diebiri-Batan Community in 2010 and the  tenure was 3years to end in july 2013. 

” in May 2013 precisely Mr Alex Ebi Fenimine, Chairman Diebiri-Batan Community called a town hall meeting and inform all indigenes of IGADEWARE QUARTER AND THE IGADE 7 CONCERNED FAMILIES, That his tenure as Chairman will elapse  in July 2013, On that note due to the fighting, destruction of community properties, rigging of election process in favour of aspirants, oppression and instigating war by the external Diebiri people that are not related to Diebiri-Batan Community or families, He has resolved with the elders of THE IGADE 7 CONCERNED FAMILIES, (HENCE) We are not going to conduct (ANY FORM OF ELECTION ANY MORE, BUT BY SELECTION ) from the various Igade 7 concerned families to share every positions rotationally to installed the executive of DIEBIRI-BATAN COMMUNITY, That our Election always lead to crisis, the era of election is no more in DIEBIRI-BATAN COMMUNITY  let us build on unity and love. 

“After two weeks of the declaration by Mr Alex in may 2013, Pst Ako, Chairman Diebiri Governing Council then and CHIEF JG ORUBU, said it will be by the same GENERAL ELECTION PROCESS TO INSTALL EXECUTIVE IN DIEBIRI-BATAN COMMUNITY, that they will not allow any family to control the DIEBIRI-BATAN COMMUNITY they went ahead, mobilized and forcefully attempted to install a parallel Exco to oppose the Diebiri-Batan Community families executive that will come up in July 2013, which result to crisis, arrest and court case between the Diebiri Clan Leadership and The Igade 7 Concerned families Leadership of Diebiri-Batan Community. 

“Mr Alex the  Chairman then in 2013 also came up with another masterminded evil and greedy agenda after constituting the families biography and sharing formula with the elders and family leaders, He said ever since our long waited Igade 7 Concerned families structure has come to stay and been approved by his administration, The elders of IGADE 7 CONCERNED FAMILIES HAVE GIVEN HIM THE OPPORTUNITY TO RULE FOR ADDITIONAL ONE 1 TENURE. 

“The most Elderly man in 2013 Late papa Ogbobine Numa, uncle to Mr Alex Ebi, KOSU (ZITU) told Mr Alex that we are following suit of the sharing formula in the family structure you and I just constituted, The old man went ahead and advise the then incumbent Chairman in 2013 Mr Alex that our KOSU Family is in 3rd position so we can not short change the first with ours. 

“Mr Alex went ahead with some elders parading himself that one year extension has been given to him by the elders, which brought another division between Mr Alex one Year tenure elongation supporters from the same Igade 7 Concerned families and NO ELONGATION BY US, we have to follow your pronouncement and the sharing formula structure brought by you Mr Alex without any changes,
while Pst Ako and our proposed paramount ruler Chief JG ORUBU were matching for general election. 

“This issues led us to Court after countless arrest meted on us by Mr Alex Fenimine and Pastor Ako gang ups against the Igade 7 Concerned family members at the Federal high court, Otor-udu given verdict on the case in favour of THE IGADE 7 CONCERNED FAMILIES.

With our families sharing formula from July 2013. For two years Tenure NO EXTENSION/ELONGATION and NO ELECTION. 


1) Sir Fidelis Atutu, Chairman, Tondiegha Family formerly call Eneinfiyaghabebebo in July 2013-July 2015.

2) Engr Don Dickson Ogugu, Chairman, Ingonboigha Family July 2015-July 2017. 

3) LATE Sir Ambrose Ogulasougha, Chairman, Kosu Family July 2017-July 2019.

4)Mr Isaac Akasa, Chairman, Koripigha Family July 2019-July 2021.

5) Mr Fredrick Amalade, Chairman, Okoro Family July 2021-July 2023. Present and Current Chairman, Diebiri-Batan Community. 

“Pst Ako use this tactics to blindfold the entire DIEBIRI KINGDOM and rule for over 5 YEARS from 2010-2015 instead of 3 years tenure in the Diebiri Governing Council. 


This peaceful Ideology by the Igade 7 concerned families was adopted with the zoning of position among the  4 QUARTERs in DIEBIRI TOWN,TENURE OF 3 YEARS as follows which commences in MAY 12th 2015, 

1) Igbonbiri Quarter, Mr Wellington Igetei, Chairman, MAY 2015-MAY 2018.

2) Otienbiri Quarter, Mr Mike Douglass, Chairman, MAY 2018-MAY 2021.

3) Igade-Ware Quarter, Mr Emmanuel Orubu, Chairman, MAY 2021-2024. 

Engr Don Dickson has appealed  to His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State to call his Executive Assistant (EA), Pst. Samuel Ako to order before he plunges Diebiri-Batan Community into a battle field, adding that “Pst Ako has never in any day mediated into an issue with his office as (EA) Community Peace and Conflict Resolution to achieve a positive result rather than, using his office to gang up with his political gladiators to influence and Instigate violence and pretending to be innocent of the act. 

“Diebiri Governing Council Executive don’t have any right or whatsoever to install any form of executive in Diebiri-Batan Community, Batan Flow Station oml42 and they should stop meddling  in Diebiri-Batan executive issues so we can leave in peace. 

“Your Excellency Sir, I am bringing this to your notice and all Security Agencies, that on the 23rd of July 2021 is our usual Two years Thanksgiving/Anniversary Party, just few days from now, in which the general public, community leaders, neighbouring  communities, friends and family members, Government officials, Security agencies, good spirited political leaders and spiritual fathers are all Invited to grace the epoch making  occasion in  every two years of peaceful administration  and thanksgiving/Anniversary celebration has been given a threat by your aide Pst Ako and his group of people.” Engr Ogugu stated.

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