Opuama Youth Assembly Pays Familiarisation Visits To Egbema Regent, Chief Opuamawei, EPU

By Binebai Princewill

A group operating under the aegis of Opuama Youth Assembly,  Warri has after the emergence of their new leadership has began to pay an introduction cum familiarisation visits to prominent personalities across Egbema Kingdom.Some of the high profiled personalities visited by the Opuama Youth Assembly, Warri include High Chief Johnbull Adaun, regent of Egbema Kingdom, Chief Joseph Opuamawei, the Ogungbenwei of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom as well as the leadership of Egbema Progressive Union.In each of the visits, President of the Opuama Youth Assembly, Warri, Comr. Ezekiel Ugulapelewei had advocated for the body and youths of the kingdom to be carried along in the scheme of things.The President had vowed that his group will continue to promote peace across the Kingdom as well as prioritising the development of Egbema at all times. 

In a statement signed by the trio of Ezekiel Ugulapelewei, President, Goodluck Gemuge, P. R. O and Aaron Daniel, Secretary general of Opuama Youth Assembly, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide, the group had bemoaned the lugubrious state of things that had bedevilled the kingdom for too long.

The statement reads in full below:


After the concluded peaceful election and inauguration of the newly and duly elected executive members of the Opuama Youth Assembly Warri.

🌖 The executive members payed a courtesy visit to the Regent of Egbema Kingdom, (High Chief Johnbull Adaun (THE FIRST REGENT, REGENCY COUNCIL OF EGBEMA KINGDOM) to pledge their loyalty and support to him as the father and peace builder of the clan.

The regent received us in grand style the Representatives of OYAW and prayed for the body and its duly elected executive members. He also pledged his support to the Body and encouraged the body to be truthful in their activities and avoid any form of violence or anything that will break the peace in the clan. He said if we as a body can abide by the law of the land and the country, he is solidly behind us in any of our dealings. 

The newly elected president, Comr. Ezekiel Ugulapelewei in his speech  also assured the Regent that Opuama Youth Assembly Warri, is a peace loving body and will  always work with the Regent, leaders and the government to keep the peace in the kingdom.

Also the following person were present in the gathering. double chief Beke Moses Adanse, honourable Austin sule, the patron of the body Comr. Felix Gorroh, the pioneer president of the body. It was indeed a remarkable day.

🌖 The Executive Members also payed a  courtesy visit to one of our respected chief. The Ogungbewei of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom. Chief Joseph Opuamawei Monday at his residence in Igbe-Ijoh.

Chief Joseph Opuamawei Monday gave his fatherly advise and pledged his support to the body. he also told us to be truthful in our activities and embrace peace all times.
The body officially introduced the newly elected Executive members to him.

🌖 furthermore, the body also  paid a visit to  Egbema Progressive Union in Sapele. The Body officially introduced the newly elected executives members to the Senate House.
Comr. Moses Ugular and other Exco members of the Egbema Progressive Union ( a.k.a Amagie of Senate)  appreciate and thanked the body for making it possible for the special visit.

The Egbema Progressive Union also appreciated the past president for his level of transparency and peaceful election.

The President of Opuama Youth Assembly, Warri sincerely appreciated the Regent of Egema Kingdom, High Chief Johnbull Adaun, also Double Chief Beke Moses  Adanse, Chief Joseph Opuamawei Monday and also Egbema Progressive Union for making out time in their tight schedule to receive and support us. Thanks for the warm reception, God bless you all.

We promised to work along side with any legal body in bringing the needed  development and promote peace in our communities, the Ijaw nation and Nigeria at large.

Here are the names of the newly elected executives of Opuama Youth Assembly Warri (OYAW)

1. Ezekiel Ugulapelewei – president.2. Kingsley Adanse- vice president.3. Aaron Daniel- Gen Secretary.4. Franklin Eden-emi- asst secretary.5. Goodluck Gemuge. P. R. O.6. Kehinde Moboh – Asst P. R. O.7. Felix B. Ugedi – Treasurer.8. Ebemi Grace – Financial secretary.9. Loveth M. Asiava – Asst Financial secretary.10. Endurance Gemuge – Chief Organizer 11. Bafor Stephen -Asst Organizer.12. Lucky Blackman – Provost.13. Beauty Ugular Oganbi – Asst Provost.14. Owen Boudifegha – Chief Editor.15. Peace Binidodogha – Asst Editor.16. Freedom Adanse— Media..17. ThankGod Ugedi–media18. Julius Gbemor Adanse– Media…
Long live Delta State !.,long live Egbema Kingdom !!.  Long live OYAW !!!.

Sign: Ezekiel Ugulapelewei.President.
Goodluck Gemuge.P. R. O.
Aaron Daniel.Gen. Secretary.

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