2023 Delta Guber Aspirant Angozi Releases Powerful Independence Message


My Dream for Deltans as Nigeria Celebrates 61 Years Independent Anniversary

As a child of Independence, born a month after our freedom from the hands of our colonial leaders, the journey to a nationhood had been tortuous, and painful, as we had struggled to be where we are today.

61 years is a long journey. As we celebrate this anniversary, I have to remind my fellow Nigerians, especially my people from Delta State that hope is not lost, but be open minded and believe in our ability to overcome every form of adversity.

Recently our dear state celebrated 30 years of creation. looking back, we have moved from that poor looking state, to a state with strong will to excel, if we all can come together, and harness our diversity, we will build that enviable state we so desire.

On this ground, I have to tell you to prepare your mind as we move towards another year of election, as I have a dream of a Delta that is strong, and resilient.

Come 2023, I hope to sign a covenant with Deltans. A covenant to build a strong, resilient and prosperous economy at the door steps of everyone that will enforce unity, through the spirits of consensus and cooperation. A state where we will see ourselves as members of one indivisible, prosperous family irrespective of our ethnic background.

Every Deltans have over the past years, in their own way contributed to this, as they had invested and pushed for a better state, and they are still doing that.

I feel your pains, because I had been there, come 2023, with you, my dream of a strong, resilient and prosperous economy, at the door steps of every Deltans that will foster unity, through the spirits of consensus and cooperation will be achieved.

As I congratulate every Nigerians, especially Deltans, I encourage us to comeout and celebrate this 61 years of Nigeria Independence Anniversary. Pains and unknown fears should not keep us from celebrating this wonderful age.

Let us jointly pray for a Strong Nigeria, a united Delta State, with a booming economy and secure environment. This is my dream for Delta, come 2023.

Once again, Congratulations.

God Bless Nigeria

God Bless Delta State

Yours in Service to humanity,

Chief Dr. Angozi Amakazi Braduce, fcim

October 1, 2021

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