Okowa Urged To End Ogbe-Ijoh/Aladja Killings As Crises Taking Different Dimension

By Binebai Princewill

His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State has been urged to put a final stop to the lingering and reincarnating age long crises between the people of Aladja in Udu Local Government Area and their neighbouring Ogbe-Ijoh Community in Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State.

The call for swift intervention by the Delta State Governor was made by the Youth President of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State, Comr. James Etimadimene Seyefa via a rejoinder  he personally signed and issued to newsmen in Warri yesterday, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide.  

While replying the President of Udu Youth Council, Etimadimene had in the rejoinder stated that the People of Ogbe-Ijoh do not have any issue with Udu Urhobos as there was no need for the youths to be jumping into  the imbroglio between Aladja and Ogbe-Ijoh. 

President James had also called on the Udu Youth President to stop drawing people that do not have anything to do with the age long crises into it, stressing that a lot has happened to the people of Ogbe-Ijoh in the resurgence of the crises. 

However, observers are getting worried as the Udu Urhobo youths have started speaking, people have continued to wonder on what happens next.

The rejoinder reads below:


The attention of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom Youth Council  has been drawn to a letter written by one Emmanuel Esiefarienrhe, President  Urhobo Youth Council Udu Chapter to his Excellency  Senator (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor Delta state which was published 9th December 2021.

We have seen series of this faceless and unfounded publications from the Urhobo axis precisely the Udu and the heartless Urhobos in Aladja community. We won’t have responded but to straighten the records.

It is obvious that the evil activities of Aladja people towards the people of Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom is now befalling them as God declared that the wicked will not go unpunished. Until the entire Aladja come out publicly and asked for forgiveness for the murder of Pastor Sylvester Yerinbide if not the blood of the innocent Pastor will torment Aladja people.

Before the recent brutalising of Pastor Sylvester Yerinbide that occurred 28th October 2021 by Aladja assailants which the Aladja youth Chairman, Mr Ellias Chipi also admitted in his publication dated 8th November 2021 and finally died in a private clinic 29th October 2021, 15th October 2019 one of our industrious son, Hon Tailor Ogufugha was shot dead by Aladja wicked people at his compound behind the Warri South-West Secretariat when he was clearing his premises. When this incident of Hon Tailor Ogufugha occurred, Hon Jite Brown, Udu Local Government Chairman in the presence of all the security agents promised to bring those boys who killed Hon Tailor which he listed about four names but till this minute nothing was done. 

Since last year 10th July 2020 when the working together between the two communities was championed by God through peace Vanguard till this year 2021 Ogbe-ijoh man has experienced a lot of damages such as burning of houses, beating of our okada boys and passengers to the point of death that is unbearable but because we see peace as one of our priority we decided to keep quiet.

When the Commanding Officer(C.O) 3 batallions Effurun Barracks, Lieutenant Bala through Major Harrison Olumeka invited both parties on the 12th October 2021 to  find out which community is  causing problem; it was in the presence of everybody Major Harrison Olumeka pointed Aladja people and they  could not deny it instead they said they have been talking to their youths that are causing problem but they don’t want to listen to them. we were asked to take undertaking which Ogbe-Ijoh people were ready to sign but the same Aladja people pleaded with Major Oluemeka to still give them more time to talk to their boys but they ended by killing Pastor Sylvester Yerinbide after all the pleading.

Both the letter written by Emmanuel and some faceless publications released by the Aladja demonic people are always emphasising on 14 days altimatum which they used as an excuse to almost kill the entire family in Ogbe-ijoh 21st November 2021 at about 2:10am behind the same Warri South-West Secretariat almost the same place Hon. Tailor was killed.

 We have empty shells of all the bullets that Pierce through the building but the young man was wise enough to lock his door and asked his entire family to lie down on the ground when they were shooting sporadically round the house. As if that is not enough they lay ambush to kill other innocent souls where the shoot out started. The Gbikeke you are talking about that died in the battlefield, was the leader of those bad boys who joined to kill Pastor Sylvester Yerinbide but it pains me that you refused to mention the  other boys who  died in clinic on the same gun battle that caused this recent tension.

After the 14 days altimatum was declared, on the 17th November 2021 the Elders and opinion leaders of Ogbe-ijoh Warri Kingdom pleaded with us to discontinue with the altimatum which I also signed for peace to reign but not knowing that the Aladja people has concluded plan to attack Ogbe-ijoh so stop making emphasis on that 14 days altimatum because you caused the problem.

In your both faceless publications, you are found of mentioning innocent names(IYC Western Zone Secretary, Tompolo and even Isaba people) who know nothing about the gun battle.

 Till this moment, you don’t know the history of Ogbe-ijoh Warri kingdom if not you won’t have tagged people who don’t know anything about our fight.
I want to on this note tell Comr Emmanuel Esiefarienrhe to have something reasonable to do to help his family and stop wasting his time by instigating either State Governor and security agents for any unwarranted arrest when all the security agents and the state Governor know the dubious character of your people.

I am also calling on His Excellency Dr. Senator Ifeanyi Okowa and all the security agents of Delta state to hold Emmanuel Esiefarienrhe responsible if anything happens to any Ijaw man in Udu Road.

I am still calling on His Excellency Dr Ifeanyi Okowa Governor of Delta state to demarcate the boundary between Udu and Warri South West which has been done in other local government so this two local governments will not be exceptional.

Finally we are calling on and the same time given the very last warning to Hon. Jite Brown, Chairman Udu local Government Council who disguise himself with the name of Government official to establish the cruel plan of his Aladja people to stay clear from our Land because we do not have land to share with anyone. 

Signed: Comrade James Etimadimene Seyefa, Youth President Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom.

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