Niger Delta Stakeholders Meet In Warri, Bemoan Region’s Underdevelopment, Reopens Restructuring Call

By Binebai Princewill 

Critical stakeholders in the Niger Delta region met in the oil city of Warri on Wednesday 23rd of March 2022 to bemoan the state of things bedeviling the region in the Nigerian state. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report.

The stakeholders operating under various groups such as the Niger Delta People’s Congress (NDPC) and Niger Delta Congress (NDC) after much deliberations on the way forward of the Niger Delta region had reopened calls for restructuring of the country to allow regions have control have resources in their domains. 

It would be recalled that while Bishop Samson Amajene is the convener of the Niger Delta People’s Congress (NDPC), Saatah Nubari is the president of Niger Delta Congress (NDC), revered groups that are advocating for a better Niger Delta internationally, nationally and locally. 

In the collaborative interactive meeting between stakeholders of the two reputable Niger Delta groups, they had also raised serious concern over the insecurity challenges bedeviling the region and the country at large. 

The stakeholders had called on President Muhammadu Buhari as leader of the country to fix the insecurity challenges and begin the process of restructuring Nigeria for everyone to be truly happy. 

However, the highly revered Niger Delta groups stated that they will continue to be apolitical in the Nigerian state but will always speak truth to power and will continue to tell the deprivation story of the Niger Delta region Internationally, Nationally and locally, until the region and her people are treated fairly. 

The big meeting was held  at 158 Jakpa road opposite wood market by Holy Ghost Dominion Church, Effurun on Wednesday March 23, 2022.

Some of the fall out from the meeting as written by Bishop Samson Amajene, Convener of the Niger Delta People’s Congress (NDPC) reads below:

With the opening prayer said by Pastor Peres Zimobo at about 1:45pm, at 158 Jakpa road opposite wood market by Holy Ghost Dominion Church, Effurun on Wednesday March 23, 2022, the convener of the Niger Delta People’s Congress (NDPC) worldwide, welcomed everyone to the collaborative and interactive meeting of NDPC and NDC. Bishop Samson Amajene felicitated and commended Saatah Nubari, President, Niger Delta Congress (NDC) for making real efforts in putting together the Niger Delta Peoples Charter representing the collective interest and aspiration of the Niger Delta people since December 2019, and making efforts in attending today’s meeting from Rivers State. He also used the medium to thank Preye Nikade for introducing Saatah Nubari to him. 

Bishop Amajene also expressed gratitude to Kemedengiyefa Opia, Vice President NDC, Dr. Ochuko Henry, Secretary NDC, Pere Ziniye, leader of Niger Delta Defense Group/NDC, and Dr. Faith Voke Ighorodje, Delta State Chapter Secretary for being present. 

Furthermore, he thanked members of Niger Delta People’s Congress Congress (NDPC) in attendance, Chief Felix Eguare-Coordinator, Chief Tony Lawuru-Member, Comrade Morris Anuwo, Secretary, Joshua Onyeme-Computer Engr/Instructor, Pst. Perekuna Zimobo-Chaplain, Patrick Padiayefagha-Youth Ambassador and Victor Amajene-Youth Ambassador. 

In response, President Saatah appreciated Bishop Amajene for calling the meeting and making sacrifices in convening the Niger Delta People’s Congress (NDPC) abroad towards developing the region.

President Saatah said the Niger Delta Congress (NDC) was established in December 2019, taking into account the political trajectory and the  security threats that the region is currently facing as a result of the insurgents infiltrating and intimidating our people in the region, killing farmers, raping women, and making the region unsafe. He said, there has been attempts by the insurgents to attack Emuos Community Rivers State last year 2021 but they were repelled by some youths. 

He said what is happening in the region, calls for concern because as it stands Niger Delta is not prepared for anything should crisis breakout. According to President Nubari some parts of Isoko communities have been under constant clash with armed bandits. Even some parts of Edo State too is under attack, so we need to put up security structures and systems to protect the region from any attack by the insurgents. 

President Saatah further said because the Niger Delta region is lumped with South Eastern region in their map to the United Nations (UN), the coming of Niger Delta People’s Congress (NDPC) is a welcome development because they will help us champion the matter of registering the Niger Delta Peoples Charter as a distinct region within the Nigerian state in United Nations when the time comes. President Nubari said, there have been so many charters in the region namely: Ijaw people charter, Itsekiri people charter, Ogoni bill of rights and several others, and when you look at these charters critically, you see common content in them. That the Nigerian state has suppressed and oppressed the Niger Delta people for long and that we need freedom to manage our resources. 

He said to harmonize the various document as one charter, in October last year the NDC had a conference at Ijaw house in Yenegoa Bayelsa State chaired by Professor Ebiegberi Alagoa and it was in that meeting the Charter was harmonized as Niger Delta Peoples Charter. President Nubari said it’s a privilege to present copies of the Niger Delta Peoples Charter to you, believing that it will be a great tool in our collective effort in achieving the Niger Delta Project.

Also, the Vice President Kemedengiyefa, Pere Ziniye, leader Niger Delta Defense Group/NDC, Dr. Faith Voke, Comrade Morris Anuwo, and Chief Felix Eguare all made their remarks about the need for us to unite, and work together to secure our region. 

In receiving the Niger Delta Peoples Charter, Bishop Amajene praised President Saatah for working other stakeholders within the in harmonizing the various charters into one single document that expresses the collective interest of the Ijaws, Ogonis, Efiks, Urhobos, Itsekiris, Ekweres, Binis, Isokos, etc. And that Niger Delta People’s Congress (NDPC) and Niger Delta Congress (NDC) are collaborating, partnering and working together to make the Niger Delta better is a welcome development. 

Bishop said before he left the shores of Nigeria to the United States, he had been a Field Evangelist, a Peace Advocate, Community leader and when he got to the United States two years ago, and found out that Niger Delta People did not have an umbrella body where they can come together, relate, and cooperate to  form a strong bond of unity towards the development of the region back home in Nigeria and to garner support for groups like the Niger Delta Congress (NDC) and other groups in the region. So, as he was led by the Holy Spirit on a particular day, he began calling Niger Delta People in North America to come together to form an umbrella body. And when he began calling the various leaders from Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Edo and Cross States to come together, they were so excited that the long awaited dream has finally been birth. He said they started holding meetings to draft and develop the framework for the Niger Delta People’s Congress (NDPC) in United States. 

According to him, NDPC is an advocacy group that is established to showcase the neglect of the region by successive government in the Nigerian state to the international community to help form their opinion and policies about the region.

He said, Niger Delta People Congress (NDPC) shall be neutral from the politicking that goes on within the various political parties in the region, but shall speak truth to power from time to time, commend working government across the region, appreciate the efforts of leaders that are thriving within the region, collaborate and cooperate with similar organizations to spotlight the neglect, organize empowerment programs for the youths etc. This is why our involvement with the various governments across the region shall be low-keyed so we can have the libido and the stamina to confront when necessary. Our people in North America, Europe, UK and in other parts of the world are ready to cooperate with similar organizations like Niger Delta Congress (NDC) to bring this vision to fulfillment and by this meeting we have officially adopted Niger Delta Congress (NDC) as the Nigeria chapter of Niger Delta People’s Congress (NDPC). From here onward, we shall be collaborating, cooperating and relating with the leadership of NDC on programs and activities of Niger Delta People’s Congress (NDPC) as our chapter in Nigeria.

Bishop said, there is so much darkness in the Niger Delta because a lot of people are suffering in the midst of plenty. There is no peace in the Niger Delta because the common man on the street is suffering daily with no hope. So let’s work together and see what can be done to bring about a new Niger Delta where the common man on the street shall live in good health with sustainability, employment for our youths, food and security for all. A Niger Delta where everybody will be happy. 

He said, NDPC is not advocating for the division of Nigeria or secession, what we are advocating for is we should be allowed to manage the resources within the region as it is the global best practice. How can an oil producing region or nation be so backward like this. This can only happen in Nigeria, it cannot happen in Libya, Texas, Qatar or Kuwait but only in Nigeria. And the most annoying part of it is, people are not talking, we are docile, why do we allow this to continue, the Bishop said!

Photo Credit The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide

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