Group Move To Correct Age Long Political Alienation Of Ijaws In Warri South

By Binebai Princewill 

A group operating under the aegis of Ijaw Unity Pressure Group has called on authorities in Warri South and critical stakeholders across Ijaw nation to do somthing about the age long political manipulations foised on the Ijaws in Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State. 

The group had threatened to boycot the 2023 general elections in the various wards that they have been balkernized into in Warri South if nothing is done about the situation, stressing that enough is enough for the endless political subjugation. 

This was contained in a statement personally signed by Comr. Seibi Tarede Prince, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide recently after a crucial meeting among members of the Ijaw Unity Pressure Group in Warri. Prince Tarede had decried the fact that despite the Ijaws in Warri South having several communities in the Local Government Council, non of them is registered under Warri South, adding that such abnormality should be corrected urgently among other burning issues. 

The statement reads below:

We the members of Ijaw unity pressure group held a crucial meeting on the 30th of March in Warri concerning pressing issues affecting the Ijaws living in Warri South local government.

The issues are as follows:

(1) the ijaw communities in warri south local government area must be registered
(2) party membership card must be given to all Ijaws living in warri urban whom are qualify to have one 

(3) elective offices must be given to us, it will not be business as usual that we will only give our votes to whosoever that favour us.

(4) We are calling on all Ijaws living in Warri South local government area to join our course of liberating our people from this political slavery that we found ourself, enough is enough it’s time for us all to stand up and fight for our right, this is a big slap on our faces, we have Ogbe-Ijoh market in Warri South local government, we have over 6_7 communities in Warri south local government area namely (1) Bolou-ama community NPA warri that is housing  7 pulling units namely G.r.a ward 05 unit 06-15-28-29-30-31-32, (2) Olabrakonpere community that is housing pessu ward unit 014-015 which is Ogbe-Ijoh trans hall, Ogbe-Ijoh market 1 and Ogbe-Ijoh trans hall, Ogbe-Ijoh market 2, (3) Ogbokone community, (4) Kemekedoumene community, (5)Yamusu community, (6)Amabulou  community respectively.

Unfortunately, non of these communities are registered in Warri South local government secretariat, to us this is unacceptable, we are being marginalized for so long, we have over 8,000 and above registered voters across this warri south local government and all these our votes will be delivered to any aspirant who will fulfill all our requests, if not so there won’t be any voting or elections in all our pulling units in G.r.a ward, pessu ward, Bowen ward, Okere ward respectively. 

I am a product from the creek, we don’t know how to give up because given up in a struggle is a sin, I pray our leaders do the right thing before it gets out of hand, we the Ijaws are peace loving people but if you take our quietness for granted then we’ll let you know that no matter how friendly the lion is,   when you starve him with food he may end up eating you the owner.

I’m also using this medium to call on all Ijaws worldwide to please join forces with the Ijaws in Warri South local government area so that our voices would be heard quickly, I’m pleading with all my Ijaw leaders to please take sentiment out of the Ijaw nation’s struggle, I believe if we’re united, there is nothing that we want that is rightfully us that will not be given to us, I’m calling on our G.O.C, leader Tompolo and other great Ijaw leaders to please come to our aid.

Comrade Seibi Tarede PrincePresident
Ijaw Unity Pressure Group

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