Starting off as a young man I had my fair share of rejections, I was rejected a couple times so many but my fear for poverty or do I say detest for poverty kept me driving. I resolved never to quit but rather push harder until I get results.

This was the tale of Michael Diongoli in an exclusive interview in Lagos State, the capital for excellence.

Mr Micheal emphasized that while growing up he saw how many homes suffered from hunger due to poverty and how children were forced to hock and sell so that their parents could make ends meet, this triggered the desire live above poverty line from a quite young age.

He always wished to be wealthy from that young age. But like he says, if wishes were horses beggars would ride. So wishing was not enough, but was a good standpoint.

He said ‘I am what I am today because poverty is stinks and I detest it with a passion; hence my commitment to succeed and help many others out of poverty.

According to him poverty is a choice and success is also choice, of these two choices, the one you embrace determines your motivation, aspiration and commitment:

He advised young people to detest poverty and pursue success dedicatedly with every opportunity they get.

He also advised that to earn and leave above poverty lines, it is expedient that people learn new 21st century relevant skills as God always rewards hard work.

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