Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, has said that he has to play a “true democrat” and abide by the process of the All Progressives Congress presidential primary that produced former Lagos State Governor, Bola Tinubu, as the winner, whether the process “was good or bad.”

Osinbajo, despite the initial hype of a Vice President, came third in the primary, managing only 235 votes out of over 2,000 delegates at the special convention in Abuja.

On Friday, the VP spoke at length at the campaign office of The Progressive Project (TPP), a coalition of support groups that earlier backed him for the presidency.

The VP was received by a large crowd at the TPP Office in Abuja, according to Daily Trust.

In his address to the crowd of supporters, the VP described the clamour for a new Nigeria as a movement.

He said, “We went to the convention, and the results showed us clearly that we lost, but it is only a battle, it is not the war. There are battles ahead, but we will win the war for a new Nigeria. I have no doubt in my mind that we will win that war for a new Nigeria.

“That is why our movement for a new Nigeria must remain strong and firm. And we will do everything to keep our movement strong and solid.”

“No matter what those results may be, we abide by them because there is only one process for democrats, whether that process is good or bad, there is only one, and we have gone through that process.

“And in that process, a winner has been adjudged, but that does not kill the dream of the great future. We will support our party; we will support the flagbearer of our party because we know that the other side is not even worth considering. So, we will support the flagbearer of our party, we will do everything we can.”

Thanking Nigerians at home and abroad, including the Osinbajo supporters’ groups, for the overwhelming support for his presidential bid, Osinbajo noted that “when we started this race, I never believed that we would have so many young men and women who would believe so passionately in the cause of a new Nigeria.”

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