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Friday, 17 December 2022

Re-Group Warn Omo-Agege, APC Not Come To Ogbe-Ijoh For Campaign: A Rejoinder

My attention has been drawn to the publication with the above caption, which was issued by Hon. Company Yerinbowei Felix; who happens to be the National Co-ordinator of Independent Grassroot Liberators (IGL).

Ordinarily, I ought to have ignored the publication, but considering the political misconception and consequences it will have on Ogbe-Ijoh community, I am therefore compelled to put the records in the right context and perspective.

First, the public should take note that, I was a founding member of the Independent Grassroot Liberators (IGL). During the preliminary stage the idea was birthed, which was as a result to put pressure constructively to the Delta State Government led by H.E. Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa; for him to put an end with regard to the lingering age-long communal crisis between my beloved Ogbe-Ijoh community and Aladja community. To be candid, the idea to constructively engage the State Government whereby putting an end to the age-long crisis was good and indeed necessitated as a resolve to peace as the only panacea for socioeconomic development.

However, the group started using the platform to pursue pecuniary and political gains, meeting political and non-political actors for funds, detaching itself from the core mandate to engage the State Government, in finding a lasting solution to a crisis that has consumed a lot of people, particularly the youthful demographic.

In several occasions, I made it as a duty to counsel the group that it is unconstitutional and a flagrant disregard for any group other than the constituted authorities in Ogbe-Ijoh to speak on behalf of the community. That for us to achieve our objective, which is to put the State Government on their toes, to end this crisis peacefully, we must do everything humanly possible not to be involved in politics and try to make living from this cause. Given my experience as the youth president, I counseled the group that, this is the major obstacle before us and if we don’t distance ourselves from money and politics, our struggle for peace will have a negative connotation and will be a disservice. My fears have become a reality. Today is Senator Omo-Agege and the APC, tomorrow maybe others who don’t buy into their blackmails and cheap propaganda, from my experience peace cannot be achieved by issuing threats. It takes consultation and concerted efforts working together with all stakeholders.

Therefore, I condemn in totality the actions of the Independent Grassroot Liberators (IGL), their actions don’t reflect hospitality and good virtues our forebears instilled in us. In other words, their actions are in contradiction to what our forefathers taught us and a clear aberration to Ogbe-Ijoh’s constitution. They are political traducers, full of mischiefs and are not working for the interest of Ogbe-Ijoh community.

Beside, Ogbe-Ijoh as a community is with constituted authorities that speak on behalf of the people, not a political pressure group that has compromised its conscience for political recognition and insatiable thirst of making monies from political and non-political actors.

It is despicable, so I condemn the group’s statement to issue a threat to the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ovie Omo-Agege and the APC, as the youth president I will not condone this and I will set up a disciplinary committee to sanction this group after a far reaching consultation with the leadership of the community, which will be as a deterrent to others.

Once again, I condemn this act, and implore the APC and other political parties that they are always welcome to campaign in Ogbe-Ijoh and that they should disregard the threat by these political jobbers.

Signed for Ogbe-Ijoh Youth Council

Ebimobowei Kenneth ikoro.


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