OML 42: Stakeholders Alerted To Reject Obijiesi’s Strange FTO Move With Host Communities

By Rejoice Egbaseimokumor

Stakeholders and community leaders in OML 42, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State have been alerted to outrightly reject move by Dr. Ernest Obijiesi of NECONDE/AMARANTA JV, partners in the OML under what has been described as a pending mysterious FTO.

The shocking revelation was made known to newsmen in Warri yesterday by a community leader in Oml 42 who would not want his name to be mentioned in print.

However, the source particularly hinted The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide that the Jones Creek Hydrocarbon Company, one of the subsidiary companies linked to Dr. Ernest Obijiesi, owner of Amaranta who owns 45% of OML 42 is trying to lure host communities in OML 42 to sign a mysterious FTO with the Jones Creek Hydrocarbon Company Limited.

He noted that if such move of signing the FTO is done with the host communities, the danger it portend is that they have monopolised Jones Creek Hydrocarbon as the only company to be doing all major jobs in OML 42 even though there are competent and capable Indegenous companies in the field.

He said such plot must not be allowed to see the light of the day as it will not be in line with the Ijaw quest of resource control and can only amount to the perpetual enslavement of the people.

Our source noted that the Jones Creek Hydrocarbon Limited Company had invited host communities in OML 42 to attend a 3-day Stakeholders Capacity Building Program in Warri, Delta State on Wednesday 8th of April 2024.

Speaking further, he explained that the meeting is initiated to soften the mind of the host community leaders and in the process if care is not taken is to deceive them into signing an FTO with the Jones Creek Hydrocarbon Limited Company to further worsen their woes in OML 42.

He particularly alerted community leaders and relevant stakeholders in the area not to fall prey to the antics of Dr. Ernest Obijiesi and his crew who was said to be allegedly inducing some community leaders financially with promises of contracts to sign the FTO which according to our source will be gloomy to the bright future of his people.

Meanwhile, the community leader had stated that Dr. Ernest Obijiesi should mind his business by concentrating on the 45% ownership of the field and should not venture into contract in the field.