July 21, 2024

Binebai Releases Powerful Message To Leader Tare Pondi On His Birth Anniversary Today


As today mark the birth anniversary of one of the few pillars in the Niger Delta region, Sir. Tare Pondi, popularly known as DIBIA, i add my voice to that of other good spirited fellows all over the world in celebrating this great personage in Nigeria.

It is no longer a news that the Niger Delta region is like a book with so many chapters containing stories of heroes and heroins both living and dead.
Tare Pondi is a special breed created to become an irrepressible personality of the voiceless people of the bleeding Niger Delta people as a blessing.

Dibia is a man endowed with unprecedented wisdom, young but his knowledge about life cannot be sucintly captured in whatever form either verbally or orally but he has a deep knowledge about life and our struggle for a better living condition in the Nigerian State.

He is a man with many positive colours, a man that has contributed more than enough towards the growth and development of the Niger Delta region, his days have been spent so far pleasing Niger Deltans to his own discomfort.

He is a pathfinder, a hero and a breeder of leaders, a philanthropist and one whose vision is to see a normal and responsible society where everyone should be treated equally for who they are, he is an helper to humanity.

With people like Tare Pondi, there is hope for the Niger Delta, he believes that the treasures of Niger Deltans, particularly the Ijaws are hidden in books hence the “Godfrey Pondi Book Club”, a club he has used in transforming many lives across the Niger Delta region.

Each word that comes out from this young champion on a daily basis are not just mere words but always messages of hope, he seems to have a free password to divinity and deities.

He does not always follow the crowd, his kinds are really few in the entire world, a man of few words but very powerful, so calculative and an harbinger of hope to the downtrodden. He is Egbesu in human form hence his ways are perfect.
He is not a politician but has touched and practically transformed the lives of many across Nigeria more than even those in the mainstream politics.

He is an asset to Niger Delta, particularly the Ijaws, he is pure, original and one who wishes to see the end to the targeted and sustained age long sufferings of the Ijaws.

If one is to continue to hammer on the homily of Dibia, the sermon will be too long as he is a representation of positivism.

It is my prayer that you shall continue to age gracefully sir, its your day, enjoy every bit of it.

Amb. Binebai Yerin Princewill, Spokesman Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide.