July 21, 2024

IYC Lash Traducers Of Clark, Tompolo, Says Duo Fighting For The Liberation Of Ijaw

The statement reads in full below:

Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide

Press Statement


IYC Lash Traducers Of Pa Clark, Tompolo, Says The Duo Fight For The Liberation Of Ijaw, Niger Delta

1. The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide has lashed out on those, particularly a strange group operating under the auspices of Project Niger Delta writing and fighting against the duo of Chief Dr. Edwin Kiagbodo Clark and High Chief Dr. Government Oweizide Ekpomupolo, alias Tompolo to stop attacking the duo over nothing as Tompolo and Pa Clark are true living champions of the Ijaw and Niger Delta struggle for liberation.

2. As a council, it is not in our character to respond to every Tom, Dick and Harry but the attention of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC ) Worldwide, the umbrella body covering all Ijaw Youths has been drawn to a careless, baseless, false and envious publication by a strange group operating under the auspices of Project Niger Delta (PND) signed by its Executive Director/Coordinator, Comr. Princewill Timipre Ebebi against our highly revered leaders in Niger Delta wherein it said Tompolo and Pa Clark are enslaving Delta Ijaws.

3. The IYC is warning all those trying to discredit our highly respected leaders of Ijaw extraction like Tompolo and Pa Clark that have sacrificed a lot for the development and stability of Ijaw, Niger Delta and Nigeria at large. These leaders have to be supported and encouraged by all right and positive thinking people in Nigeria and beyond. We know that some of these strange groups and their paymasters are jittery over the heroic deeds of Tompolo and Pa Clark.

4. The little air and development that have come to the Niger Delta region and Ijaw is only made possible because of the likes of Pa Clark, Tompolo, and other well-respected leaders. The IYC will not tolerate incendiary remarks against Ijaw nation.

5. The Ijaw people are lucky and blessed to have the likes of Tompolo, Pa Clark, and others in Ijaw nation. However, the IYC is commending His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and the National Security Adviser (NSA) Mallam Nuhu Ribadu for appointing Chief Dr. Dennis Otuaro as Administrator of the Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP).

6. As a council and as a critical Youth movement in the region that played critical role in the creation and establishment of the Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), we are hailing President Tinubu again and again that the entire Niger Delta region is happy with the appointment of Otuaro as Administrator of the Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) as he is showing good working by revamping the programme, Niger Deltans are already feeling his positive impacts as Administrator of the programme.

7. The Amnesty Programme is now in a very strong, stable, and safe hand under Chief Dr. Dennis Otuaro, in his few months in office, he has done well in peace building and human capacity building in the region with his stakeholders’ engagement.

8. Nevertheless, people like Tompolo, Pa Clark have sacrificed all they have for the emancipation of the Ijaw people, it is Ijaw that is owing these living legends of the struggle hence every normal and right thinking persons ought to give them the needed honour and respect that they deserved. We are not also surprise because the said group and its signatory is alien to the Ijaw and Niger Delta people and her struggle.

9. Meanwhile, the IYC is aware that proponents of such ill-fated publication are agents to those still trying to do illegal bunkering. Hence, as apostles of illegality and corruption, they are trying to fight back. The IYC will not be kind to anyone trying to demean our leaders who have lived all their lives for the liberation of Ijaw people.

10. Finally, the IYC will always act as a bridge builder and a symbol of unity to the Ijaw people. We will continue to defend and protect the dignity of our highly revered leaders. We will not tolerate and accept any selfish cricism against our fathers in the struggle. Tompolo and Pa Clark are not responsible for the enslavement of anybody. Rather, they are the pride of Ijaw nation and Niger Delta. We will continue to hold them in a very high esteem.

Amb. Binebai Yerin Princewill
Spokesman Ijaw Youth Council.