Amnesty: Plans to blackmail Jude by Bribena, Leslie exposed 

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Mr. Miebi Bribena
In what appears as a great miracle, a secret phone conversation between Pst. Miebi Bribena and Mr. Leslie Biegbudu on how to blackmail Mr. Jude Gbaboyor, a dedicated staff in the Niger Delta Amnesty office and others have been exposed.
Mr. Jude had expressed worry on why Bribena who is a man of God could involved himself on such vindictive mission to pull people down with his career as a pastor who is supposed to be hearing from God directly before speaking.
He had described Mr. Leslie Biegbudu, a student from one of the tertiary institutions within the Niger Delta region who is from Sagbama town in Sagbama Local Government Area, Bayelsa State as a pure backstabber and an unrepentant sycophant.
Pst. Miebi Bribena
According to some of the voice notes made available to newsmen in Yenagoa, copies of which where sent to The Liberator Newspaper yesterday by Mr. Jude Gbaboyor between Pst. Bribena and Leslie Biegbudu had revealed how the duo are planning to blackmail Prof. Charles Dokubo Quaker and Mr. Jude in the Amnesty office.
One of the voice note between Pst. Bribena and Leslie indicated that Bribena’s latest outburst on the Amnesty office, particularly Prof. Dokubo was necessitated by the fact that as a big time contractor in the presidential amnesty programme, he has not been paid by the office that is owing him over a billion naira claims, hency his fury.
While he is busy lamenting on how he fought Gen. Boroh (Rtd), former boss of the amnesty office which eventually led to his kicking out of the office, he had regretted that Prof. Quaker is even worse than the former boss.
However, while Bribena was more concerned on how the office could recognize him and pay him his money, Mr. Leslie Biegbudu is more concerned about Jude and others as he begin to report them to Bribena saying Jude is crying over the latest media face off.
The conversation between Bribena and Leslie read in part bellow.
“Leslie: The media is boiling, the media is boiling, the media dey boil, Oga the media dey boil, Ebika dem dey call dey beg say their hand nor dey ooo, Jude say him won die oooo, say you call him name, Jude dey craze, (Laughing) I don advice am say the best thing he could do is not to include himself on that media war, if he wants to talk to you he should just call you on phone or inbox you, otherwise you will implicate him.
“Pst. Bribena: Of course, compulsory.
” Leslie: Ebika and Friday just called me now, dem say their hand nor dey, everybody dey hide him head oooo.
“Pst. Bribena: Naim be say you don hype me for their front.
“Leslie: I told them to warn Jude very well, Jude, Romeo and others were the people that looted the Kiama amnesty properties, Oga fight them well well, they know what they are doing, Jude gave him the idea to loot.
“Pst. Bribena: “Dokubo is now worse than Boroh, he will fall like him if he does not know”.
Meanwhile, Jude had stated that he will not relent in fighting back anyone who tries to tarnish his hard earned reputation.
He had further described the act of Pastor Bribena and Leslie Biegbudu as shameful.
Like a drama, Leslie who had called Bribena had turned around to call Mr. Jude again which was recorded as he begs Jude for forgiveness, stressing that he was only trying to work out something from Bribena.
Mr. Jude had described Leslie as an ungrateful fellow while wishing him and Bribena success on their mission to blackmail people.

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