Edo Extra Judicial Killing: IPDI Demands Justice, Alleges 6 Ijaw Youths Were Murdered 

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Ndu Samuel
A group operating under the auspices of Ijaw Peoples Development Initiative (IPDI) has accused officers of the Nigerian Police attached to the Edo State Crimimal Investigation Department of complicity in the extra judicial killing of six youths of Ijaw extraction in Edo state recently.
Consequently, they have called on the Inspector general of Police IGP Mohammed Adamu to bring to book all officers involved in the killing within seven days in the interest of peace.
Their position was contained in a press release signed by the duo of Comr. Ozobo Austine and Mayor Timi Ogobiri, President and Acting Spokesman of IPDI, a copy of which was made available to The Liberator Newspaper.
The group noted that the claims by men of the Nigerian Police attached to the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) that the youths were arrested while plotting to kidnapped someone in the state is baseless, unfounded and unsubstantiated.
The release reads in part ” We were told that the youths were picked by Mr Balogun , OC anti_ kidnapping squad in their houses when they were asleep. They were arrested with no arm and any form of resistance. They made their statements and were detained in State CID at Edo state force headquarters, and after some days in police detention ,6 Ijaw youths Mr. Okoh Omus, Yeke None Agbefun and hope Tortor Uroupa and three others were brought out from the police cell and were given extrajudicial murder by the squad led by Mr. Balogun ,and the next day one Lawani ,the seventh person was granted bail with the sum of Five Hundred Thousand (#500,000.00). ”
” This case is different from the alleged shoot out between police and suspected kidnappers in the state. None of these 7persons engaged any shoot out with the police as they were arrested based on unfounded intelligence report from their homes. ”
” This is a gross misconduct has no police officer has the right to kill any suspect under detention ,except ordered by a competent court of law. They were killed on mere speculations and suspicion, no trial and conviction. This is a jungle justice. Nigeria has been turned to banana republic. It is a pity that police under the current IGP have becomes lawless and blood sucking. We demand for justice. The commissioner of police, Edo state and the said squad led by Mr. Balogun must give account of the death of the said 6 Ijaw youths without further delay. ”
” It is appalling that the police is now the court to order for summarily execution of suspects under its facilities, exercising a power that the police does not have. The youths were mere suspects , they have freedom of fair hearing, their right to life has been violated. They were killed without trial. This is unlawful and a sheer murder. We are aware of the script the police in Benin are playing, but we are not perturbed because the end shall justify the means. If they have actually committed crime ,they would have been charged and tried. The law made it clear, Killing suspects after obtaining statements is a punishable by law. Those police officers must face the music.”
” We are disappointed by the action of the police in Edo state, as the killling smack a display of hatred for the Ijaws in the state, some Benin youths threat Ijaws in an online video parading with aka 47 rifles but no one of those guys has been arrested uptil now. This shows that the police has already taken side with the Benins against Ijaws in the state. The Benins are now hiding under the police to be killing the Ijaws. This shows that the ethnic war between the Benins and Ijaws has started already. ”
” This is an ethnic cleansing agenda, the Nigeria police are now out to kill all aboriginal Ijaws in Edo state has been contracted. This is unacceptable as we will not fold our hands over this sheer murder. We are sending a formal petition to IGP as well within the coming days. ”
” Therefore, we call on the inspector general of police to investigate and bring to justice the commissioner of police Edo state, and police officers led by Mr. Balogun in the state CID for the extermination of the 6 Ijaw youths within 7days for the interest of peace in the state. ” the statement added.

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