Former Beauty Queen Expresses Worry Over State Of Things In Egbema

By Binebai Princewill 

Former beauty queen of oil rich Egbema Kingdom in both Delta and Edo states, Mss Preye Love Soroghaye has advocated for the Girlchild Development in the Kingdom. The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide can report.

Mss Preye Love Soroghaye made the assertion earlier today in Sapele, Delta State while reacting to newsmen on her birth anniversary, adding that she gives thanks to the Lord Almighty for making her see yet another birth anniversary, stressing that the Lord Almighty deserved to be praised forever and ever.

The former beauty queen had also advocated for a more developmental oriented Egbema Kingdom. 

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According to her, the level of economic and political contributions of Egbema Kingdom to the Government when compared to any form of development on the part of Government is nothing to write home about, adding that something has to be done about it. 

She continued that the Kingdom is lacking behind in terms of development when compared to other neighbouring Kingdoms in Niger Delta. 

While calling on the Federal Government of Nigeria, state governments and oil companies operating in the area to show more concern on the development of the Kingdom, Mss Preye said Egbema Kingdom cannot continue to be relegated to the background. 

She particularly called on oil companies, those in position of authority and the state government to organise programmes aimed at the Girlchild Development in the Kingdom as well as providing basic social amenities in the Kingdom. 

1 thought on “Former Beauty Queen Expresses Worry Over State Of Things In Egbema

  1. I ThankGod Mike Ugedi Love this, it is time Egbema sons and daughters begin to speak of the state of things in the kingdom.

    The last time Tare Olaye when with some group of persons to protest against unemployment in the area.

    I mike Ugedi have organized many community development program in the kingdom to help else things.

    Amb. Clement tekedor Clement also spoke about the state of things and said the Leaders in the area should act fast to rescue the area.

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