Godspenal 2019 Football Tournament: Scores of yesterday’s matches 

By Binebai Princewill

As the battle to qualify at the level of group stage, football teams from Ogulagha Kingdom, Iduwini and Kou Kingdoms have continued to slug it out among themselves.

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The scoreline of yesterday’s matches include:

At the Youbebe pitch, Sokebolou FC Vs Obotobo 1 FC Sokebolou FC won by 1-0 while in the game between Stone Breakers FC Vs Forcados FC ended 2-1 in favour of Stone Breakers.

At the Ogulagha pitch, Youbebe United FC Vs Agip FC saw Youbebe United trashing Agip FC 3-0 just as Eluwe FC also defeated Awala FC 1-0.

Stay tuned for more update on today’s games which will be reported tomorrow

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