Ijaw Rights Activist Ebipams Addresses Presidency On State Of The Nation 

…Says Ijaw “gods” are avenging for the untold marginalization of the Niger Delta people

…Tables critical issues bedeviling the Ijaws

By Binebai Princewill 

Renowned Niger Delta human rights activist, Comr. Johnny Ebipams has addressed the presidency on state of the nation, raising critical issues affecting the Ijaw ethnic nationality and the people of Niger Delta in the country. 

Comr. Johnny Ebipams popularly known as the Aluta Bishop had maintained that Ijaw “gods” are avenging for the untold marginalization of the Niger Delta people.

The Aluta Bishop made the assertion in a statement he personally signed and issued to newsmen in Warri recently while reacting to his birth anniversary, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers. 

The statement reads in full below:

Remember how the military murdered our young and vibrant youths, raped our mothers and sisters, stole our God given crude oil, chased our royal fathers and elders and militarized the region? Yet the entire nation went mute, few years down the line JEHOVAH GOD compensated us with a President and an Executive bill- Petroleum Industry Bill that should have drawn us closer to our long cry for Resource Control; yet the Nigeria Government and the Northern block fought against us by selling fake media propaganda of incompetency of President Jonathan especially in the area of insecurity  which was obviously an idea birthed by bigotry to see that a minority from the oil rich region stay not too long in Aso Rock. Not far from that, the manhunt for the Spiritual Head of the Ijaw nation- Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo begun.

Today not just nemesis but the ijaw gods are fighting our battles; See the security situation now since the likes of the National Security Adviser the person of Babagana Monguno  are bitter with the gains of the Amnesty Program and had such pocketed a well-orchestrated  program to bring human capital  development to our people. The NSA with all bitterness hijacked the program and made it a money making venture for himself and his political associates hence a continuous INTERIM COMMITTEE in the presidential Amnesty Program made up of his family members and political associates all from the North except for a ceremonious Col Milland Dikio  whose roles are scripted by the NSA and the Northern block forgetting the many souls that were killed in ODI, GBARAMATU, AYAKOROMO, AMASSOMA,TUOMO, OBORO, BOMADI and many more villages at the peak of the  Niger Delta agitations.

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Indeed the Ijaw gods are avenging, not until the sacred cow NSA Babagana Monguno who can’t be sacked despite his incompetence on security issues that has given room for surge in the activities of insurgencies is shown the way out and the Nigeria government do the needful, the ijaw gods will stir the waters of un-restiveness just so that the Northerners will have a feel of the wrongs meted on us as a tribe. I sympathized with the innocent Northerners as the security role played by one of their sons the NSA is of no relevance, his strength is now channelled  to the funds from the Presidential Amnesty Program; we wonder why Presidency and Nigerians has forgotten his office even with Lekki massacre and his worse than Dasuki approach to security issues.  Like the biblical times when God fought for the children of Israel, a repetition is here!  

Nigerian state own it to Ijaws and Niger Delta people  for rubbishing the only de-tribalized president Nigeria has produced, for doctoring the yet to be passed PIB in furtherance of the plan to take the Niger Delta farther from the oil wealth, for using the federal character slogan in deceiving the minority ijaws in all federal parastatal including the ministry of petroleum and many more.

We still defecate in same waters we drink from, higher institutions are still many waters away from us, there are no hopes of getting hooked up to the national grid in terms of power in over 85% of ijaw communities that feed the nation, there isn’t a single hope of road network connecting us to major Nigeria citizens- we still depend on boats and canoes for transportation. From the creeks of Abonnema, to the mangrove of Gbaramatu, down to the swampy Bulutoru in Southern Burutu fuel prices are double because we are far away from civilization but branded corrupt, as thieves and militants.

I have been called to celebrate at least my birthdays! My replies have always been celebrate what? When in Delta State despite the cash cow  that we are,we are seen as not fit to produce a governor, when the Niger Delta Development Commission has been rubbished in a well scripted northern display like corruption in Nigeria is synonymous to the Niger Delta with an unending forensic audit and continuous Interim Management, when Warri, Koko, Burutu and Onne Ports are not fit to be used but only Lagos, when the Petroleum Industry Bill have been modified and doctored to fit into the Northern agenda, when the Presidential Amnesty Program for Niger Delta is being managed by the North. Indeed this is a forced fusion with a slogan of “One Nigeria”

 Like the daughter of the biblical Herod asked for the head of John the Baptist on his birthday, I keep asking that the heads of all the  ENEMIES OF IJAW nation to be served in a plate on my birthdays each year till we sing no marginalization song anymore. 

Suffice me to say, the end to the Niger Delta crisis has not come! The ijawness of an average ijaw son is awaken the more with the many unfolding. 

I am first an ijaw man before any other thing; Both a Zionist and an Izonist.

 Ebipams Johnny

Aluta Bishop

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