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Read the mysterious story of the 1975 oil well in Edo State

By Binebai Princewill
Family members of Kinkin in Gelegele community, Olodiama Kingdom in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State have accused Dubri Oil Nigeria Limited and others within the community over a plot to eliminate their sister, madam Imasuen who is now in self exile.
According to sources from the Kinkin family who would not want their names to be mentioned in print noted that the Gelegele Oil well began production in 1975 with Philip Oil Nigeria Limited.
They hinted our reporter that late Kinkin was a priestess in Gelegelegbene, she was the high priestess of a marine deity known as Ifiouakolo, in essence, the story is that the oil refuses to flow hence her services was sort for by the Philip Oil Nigeria Limited company together with members of Gelegele community in Olodiama Kingdom, hence the priestess Kinkin consulted her deity and the end product was that the oil began to flow, it was said that this development came with some form of verbal agreement between she and the said Philip Oil Nigeria Limited company.
This according to the family sources happened in 1975, after her incantations, the oil began to flow without the company taking care of her nor implementing the verbal agreement the company entered with her.
They noted that Kinkin died a year after she opened the Gelegele Oil well in 1976, stressing that it seems to them that the key to the free flow of oil in the community lies with the Ifiouakolo marine deity who is being appeased by his priestess.
The story continues, as years goes bye, before the death of the alleged priestess Kinkin, she was able to pass on the power to her daughter Imasuen who is the the high priestess of Ifiouakolo, a deity believed to be holding the key to the oil wealth of the community.
It was said that years after the death of Kinkin, the oil began to dry up, a situation the family members have maintained that it was failure on the part of the company and some members of the community to appease the deity and not living up to the agreement reached with Kinkin.
However, speaking further on the matter, our sources stated that since the oil well seems to have dried up, Philip Oil Nigeria Limited now sold the well out to Dubri Oil Nigeria Limited who in their quest to see that oil flows in the well was able to visit priestess Imasuen, daughter of late Kinkin in 2005.
This time around, the family sources alleged that Imasuen unlike her mum was able to enter a written agreement with Dubri Oil Nigeria Limited in the presence of some members of Gelegele community in 2005, after the agreement, it was said she made offerings, incantations and consulted with the water deity which led to the free flow of oil again in the well.
They stated that trouble started again when the company refuse to honour the written agreement entered with Imasuen who had even misplaced her own copy of the written agreement, the company was operating but she was not recognized nor given a dime.
They continued like that until oil dried up in the well again for the second time.
Worrisome as it has become to the company, it was said that series of meetings were called by the company and the community to ensure that the matter is addressed but all to no avail as they could not convince the woman on her stake on the matter should it function again since she, her late mother and family members have been manipulated for this long by the company and others from the community.
Recounting some ordeals faced by priestess Imasuen, the family stated that there was a case of unknown gunmen that traced her to her fishing forest to kill her but the move was unsuccessful.
Imasuen and her family believes that the company has an hand in the failed attempt, stressing that the attempt later came with series of prophecies that arrangements have been concluded to eliminate her if she does not immediately go for self exile in a far away land.
Nevertheless, for her continued survival, Imasuen have since left for self exile for several months now, with family members worried about whereabouts.
Till date the oil remain fallow as family sources have threatened that whatever that happens to their sister, they will not take it easy with the company or anyone that could possibly have an hand on it.
They stated that their sister must be returned safe, sound and healthy to Gelegelegbene, adding that no one should ever try to harm her as she has done nothing wrong other than people taking her for granted.

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