Operemor Kingship: ODU Tackles Concerned Indigenes Of Operemor, Set Records Straight

By Binebai Princewill

A group operating under the aegis of Operemor Descendant Union (ODU) have tackled Concerned Indigenes of Operemor Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State over their claims that the ongoing screening/selection process is not following due process.

In a swift reaction, ODU had described those behind the recent publication by the Concerned Indigenes of Operemor Kingdom as sponsored errant indigenes of the kingdom, stressing that the ongoing screening/selection process is peaceful, fair and credible.

This was contained in a statement jointly signed by the duo of Samuel Felix

President and Peres Yankee, Secretary on behalf of the Operemor Descendent Union, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide earlier today.

The statement reads in full below:


Actually, some few four (4) sponsored errant indigenes purportedly representing their communities in the Kingdom with no inherent vested interest and representative capacity took the clan to court, alleged lack of due process in the ongoing smooth kingship selection process devoid of any hitches all along.

This court action to us in OPEREMOR DESCENDANT UNION (ODU) is dead on arrival. ODU whose membership cut across all the eleven (11) communities in the clan is diligently on the watch following up all unfolding event having to do with the selection process. With our representative capacity, we are compelled to emphatically state without equivocation and reservation and with all amount of sincerity that, the selection process ongoing without doubt is in absolute order with the committee in-charge adhering to the laid down procedures and regulatory (Chieftaincy Title Declaration) laws guiding the entire process.

Those few four (4) going to court are interlopers and distractors being sponsored by persons who could not able to raise fund to prosecute their interest for the vacant Royal Throne. And again, most importantly, there is no restrain order granted by court and same served on defendants. It is blatant falsehood to deceive the good people of Operemor kingdom in particular and the general public as a whole to achieve their inordinate ambition that negates the good aspirations of the Operemor people. Claimants only seeking for injunctive order by way of motion ex-parte their counsel moved on the 26/01/2022 but was declined by the presiding judge who ruled that all parties be notified to argue it on the next adjournment date. So, nothing stopped the screening/selection committee from performing their statutory duty. In related development, the four (4) claimants are crime suspects with the 4th claimant, Andrew King impersonated the office of the Amanana-owei of Akorugbene community in his deposition (Sworn Affidavit), which the other three (3) are crime accomplice, and they must face the wrath of the law. The said Andrew King left office as the Amana-owei of Akorugbene community on the 5th of January, 2022 but went ahead to claim so on the 12th of January, 2022 as shown in the court processes, especially his statement of claims and the sworn Affidavit to that effect.

Talking about the process, the traditional council which is the prescribed governing authority of the Kingdom followed due process in accordance to the letters and spirit of the Traditional Rulers and Chiefs edicts, section 22 (3-5), 1979 of the then Bendel State as applicable to Delta State, and the Annotated laws of Delta State, Vol. 7,Chapter 199 of 2007 as Amended. Accordingly as provided therein, the Ebeokosu-wei (Eldest Man) of Operemor kingdom, late Pa. J. D . Donye summoned an invitational meeting of all male adults of 40 years and above across the Kingdom on the 13th of November 2021 at the clan Headquater, Ojobo which the father inaugurated a seven (7) man ad-hoc screening/Selection committee to act on his behalf. Three (3) Months public notice was disseminated alongside printed large size banners to all the communities, and all strictly consented and following up the process with no complain and protest recorded so far. The issue of palace building project was also featured at the 13th November, 2021 clan meeting which resolved that all interested persons for the kingship stool should pay #2,000,000 (Two million naira) as palace development levy to ensure the clan build a standard Royal Palace as there exist none. Following this, the clan requested land from Ojobo community, being the headquarter, and a vast piece of land has been donated to the clan by Ojobo community at a fee of #250, 000,00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira). Another was the issue of bank account. In that wise, the traditional council after the demise of late King ,Capt. Samuel Evah (Rtd) have to operate a designated individual bank account to transact all burial fund, and subsequent transactions of the Kingdom Palace Development levies paid so far.

High Chief Bare Etolor as Chairman of the kingship screening/selection committee which the claimants alleged as a foreigner is in fact a novice position. Chief Bare Etolor is a bonafide Operemor descendant as well as a gazetted Chieftaincy title-holder of the clan who have equal legal and customary rights with that of other Operemor Indigenous Chiefs, except to vote and be voted for during elections. He is entitled to be appointed to carry out any duty assigned to him without restriction as long as the instant laws establishing the Operemor Kingdom in regulating its traditional rulers and Chieftaincy affairs are concerned. Chief Bare Etolor is a man of repute who can never compromise, and he is eminently qualified to carry out a credible job which so far, we are satisfied with.

Even the enabling laws precluded traditional and Chieftaincy matters from being entertained by any court of law without the notice and action of the appreciate Delta State Government authority which is the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy affairs in the first instance. Numerous case laws also speaks volume in support.

In the whole, the ongoing selection has witnessed peaceful, fair and credible conduct without none of the aspirants that has bought the nomination form complaining. Why people of non-representative capacity trying to raise eye brow to distort what is smoothly ongoing.


Samuel Felix


Peres Yankee


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