July 20, 2024

Reintroduction Of Water Resources Bill: Group Slams Buhari Government, Speak On Dangers

The Coalition of Southern and Middle Belt Youth Leaders Assembly, COSMBYLA, has slammed the Nigerian Government for the reintroduction of the rejected Water Resources Bill in the National Assembly, describing it as wicked, vexatious and obnoxious.

It said the bill has an intended agenda to annex land for Fulani Jihadists in southern Nigeria while calling on the Southern and Christian lawmakers in the National Assembly to reject the bill as many times as the sponsors smuggle it into the House.

COSMBYLA said this in a statement on Sunday, signed by its President-General, Goodluck Ibem; Coordinator, Forum of Middle Belt Youth Presidents, Terrence Kuanum; Coordinator, South West Youth Leaders Forum (SWYLF), Shittu Waheed; and President, South-South Youth Forum (SSYF), Tito Zokumor.
The statement titled, “Reintroduced Water Resources Bill Obnoxious, Wicked, Repugnant And Vexatious,” alleged that the bill is part of the move by President Muhammadu Buhari to advance the ‘Fulanisation’ and ‘Islamization’ agenda in the country.
It also alleged that bill is a well-calculated plot to acquire land for Fulani jihadists to live, which will serve as a base to launch attacks on the Southern part of the country.
The statement read in part, “The reintroduction of the obnoxious Water Resources Bill is a confirmation that President Muhammadu Buhari sees Nigerians as fools and people without brains who he can manipulate, kill and impose his will whenever or anyhow he wants.
“The continuous reintroduction of the obnoxious and vexatious bill confirms to Nigerians that it is a wicked bomb packaged by Buhari’s regime to kill the remaining Nigerians that escaped the sword of the rampaging Fulani terrorists parading as herdsmen in the country.
“Nigerians are dying of hunger and starvation on a daily basis as a result of the high cost of food, high cost of kerosene sold at N900 per litre and diesel for N1,000 per litre and the only thing President Buhari will do is to reintroduce the obnoxious Water Resources Bill. Can the bill put food on the table of Nigerians? The answer is no. Rather the bill cannot only create a simple avenue for the Fulani jihadists to kill more Nigerians in order to take their land.
“Nigerians are killed on a daily basis like fowls by Fulani jihadists parading as herdsmen and the President is calm without doing anything to stop the carnage. The only thing that the President is interested in, is only how to annex the lands of indigenous Nigerians through the backdoor using the Water Resources Bill as a shield to annex land unlawfully for his Fulani kinsmen.”
It further reads, “From all indications, the said Water Resources Bill is a bill simply to promote Mr President’s Fulanisation and Islamisation agenda which he promised his kinsmen to actualise.
“The body language of President Muhammadu Buhari shows that he is ready to kill all indigenous Nigerians in other to achieve this Ill-fated and undemocratic evil and barbaric agenda but his evil plot is dead on arrival. We reject this anti-people bill with all our energy and strength.
“The reintroduction of the obnoxious Water Resources Bill is a big insult to dead Nigerians killed by Fulani terrorists parading as herdsmen and we will not accept such insolence on our people.
“We, therefore, call on the National Assembly comprising of the Senate and the Federal House of Representatives to reject the obnoxious Water Resources Bill immediately without any delay.
“We elected them to represent us and our collective will and desire must be respected. We say a big ‘NO’ to the reintroduced Water Resources Bill. We reject it in totality. Enough said,” the statement adds.

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