PAP: Group Writes Tinubu, Ribadu To Replace Ndiomu, Warn Against Rising Violence 

By Rejoice Egbaseimokumor

A group operating under the auspices of Ijaws in Oil and Gas has written to President Bola Tinubu and the National Security Adviser to Tinubu, Nuhu Ribadu to activate plans in replacing Maj-Gen Barry Ndiomu (Rtd), Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme with a more competent hand.

This was contained in a statement personally signed and issued by the National Coordinator of the Ijaws in Oil and Gas, Comr. Ebipams Johnny, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide yesterday.

The statement reads below:

Do not let the Niger Delta region be engulfed in turmoil due to your incompetence and corrupt practices. The Amnesty program, led by Maj-Gen Barry Ndiomu (Rtd), has lost its effectiveness in disarming, rehabilitating, and reintegrating former militants and agitators into society.

This has led to dissatisfaction among the youths in the Niger Delta, particularly in the light of recent events in Rivers State and the upcoming Bayelsa State elections. It is evident that Ndiomu’s interim tenure has long expired, both in terms of ideas and the delay in reintegrating these youths, especially considering the economic challenges in the country.

This is a strong appeal to the National Security Adviser, Nuru Ribadu, and the President to prevent a return to the turbulent conditions experienced prior to 2009, when Chief Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo led other agitators and initiated peace in the region. It is crucial to emphasize that, given the current economic challenges and ongoing events in the Niger Delta, it would be prudent not to politicize an office that is vital for promoting peace and development in Nigeria.

The corruption allegations, contract manipulation, and self-serving lobbying for appointments within the Niger Delta Development Commission marked that agency’s operations. Regrettably, a similar pattern is now unfolding within the Amnesty office, and this is having a detrimental impact by fueling chaos, violence, and renewed agitations among former agitators. These ex-agitators are increasingly frustrated, given the rising oil prices in the global market and increased crude oil production in Nigeria. Instead of proper reintegration, Gen Ndiomu (Rtd) seems to be more involved in political maneuvering and lobbying, using funds that were meant for the youths’ reintegration, reminiscent of a political affiliation or campaign

We absolutely do not want a repeat of the violence witnessed in 2019; we need a secure environment for offshore drilling rigs and production platforms. Therefore, it’s imperative for the National Security Adviser, Nuru Ribadu, to take proactive measures by appointing a highly competent individual. This person should be someone with a deep understanding of the Niger Delta’s concerns, as appointing an inexperienced individual could exacerbate existing issues.

Surprisingly, not only has Ndiomu run out of ideas after the expiration of his tenure, but he has consistently diverted program funds towards his personal agenda to remain in office, which some former agitators perceive as an attempt to secure a de facto third term.

Comrade Ebipams Johnny
National Coordinator

Ijaws in Oil and Gas
On behalf of Ijaws in Oil and Gas