Niger Delta Amnesty: Ex agitators Tackles Dokubo Over Diversion of 10,000 Beneficiaries NGN 65,000

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-Says he is a fraud, not different from others if not worse

Describes him as being insensitive to the plights of Niger Deltans

-Says Nigeria cannot work with corrupt people like Dokubo

Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, PAP, Prof. Charles Quakar Dokubo has come under a severe media attack from supposed beneficiaries of the programme.

The group operating under the aegis of None Violence Ex-agitators had accused Prof. Dokubo of diverting #65, 000 of over 10,000 supposed amnesty beneficiaries in the Niger Delta.

The Ex- agitators made the shocking revelation yesterday in Warri, during a media chat with The Liberator Newspaper at the company’s head office.

Speaking on behalf of the 10, 000 supposed beneficiaries of the programme and their UN codes include Otutufegha Mike Waibode,(Chairman), UN Code C03/B10/E4/13594; Gbenana Yinzuo (vice chairman), UN Code-C01/B11/A1/14045; Johnbull Ayoro, UN Code-C04/B06/T2/B5454; Mughelli Isaac, UN Code-C02/B13/D5/17501; Peter Luke, UN Code-C05/B06/Y3/B5713; Boi Patience Tasiana, UN Code-C01/B11/B1/14122.

Otutufegha, chairman of the group had described the appointment of Prof. Charles Dokubo as a continuation of fraud in the amnesty office, stressing that he is not different from his predecessors if not worse than them.

When asked on how long they had being in the situation, Mr. Mark Otutufegha had stated that members of the group have been suffering from what they described as helpless situation for the past 9 years, from 2009 to 2019.

He said till date, their names are very intact in the Amnesty system, some have been called for various trainings within the country and even abroad but wondered on why they cannot access the #65,000 monthly allowance.

According to them, they have undergone all the necessary trainings that makes them bonafide beneficiaries of the programme, they have their Amnesty Identity Card, UN codes and other proofs as far as the Niger Delta amnesty is concerned.

But, regretted that this is 9 years after the kick- starting of PAP, they are yet to have their #65, ooo monthly allowances and other entitlements, while others are yet to go for training and their names are on the system.

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Meanwhile, the Ex- agitators had noted that Nigeria never work with the likes of Dokubo manning such sensitive position, adding that the amnesty programme have been abused beyond redemption under Dokubo.

In narrating their ordeals, the group had stated that uncountable efforts have been made to approach Dokubo and others in the past but they keep pushing them away without even giving them a listening ear.

Nevertheless, the repented agitators had vowed never to sleep until the alleged corruption in the office is heard by the appropriate authorities and the needful is done to address their issue.

The needful according to them is the receiving of the #65,000 monthly allowances of the affected persons and their supposed entitlements.

Speaking further, the group had maintained that they can be contacted through the following number 08163766148.

In their words: ” (1)Mr. Otutufegha Waibode Mark with UN code C03/B10/E4/13594 Chairman None-violence Ex-agitators in the Amnesty program.

“(2) Have gone through all the processes which includes disarmament and documentation at Obubra likewise every other persons who made up the 10,000 that is facing this same issue.

“(3) The federal government has been allocating billions of naira for the Amnesty program based on the 30,000 thousand beneficiaries captured in d beginning of the programme, meanwhile over 10,000 thousands beneficiaries are been shortchanged and their stipends are been diverted to most of the secretaries to the Generals from the various camps.

“(4) We have made phone calls and have written a lot of letters even went to the Amnesty office in Abuja severally but they have refused to pay us, On the 25th of August 2018 The special Assistant to t Dokubo on Media Mr Murphy Ganagana respond to a petition from Niger Delta Ex-Agitators forum (NDEF) which clearly state that I Otutufegha Waibode Mark is a genuine beneficiary. So why have they refused to pay me likewise the other persons in this group remains a question that is begin for answer.

“(5) Each time we call the Amnesty office they will say Tompolo and the other generals has a signed agreement with the boys that most of them will not be paid of which it is a big lie, this stories are been formulated by the so called secretaries to the Generals who is representing the various camps in the Amnesty office currently and some are outside the office. If they claim that there is an agreement signed by the Generals with the boys they should publish it.

“(6) Most of the secretaries to this various camps are working with the banks, they will use the names of genuine beneficiaries to open accounts but the money will be paid to a neutral person who has no idea of the Amnesty program in return the person will now transfer 60 or 55k to the secretaries accounts.

“(8) We know most of these secretaries Assets and properties worth millions of Naira which is not possible to acquire with their normal stipends even for the next 15 years, we know most of the people these secretaries are using to operate those illegal accounts. We are calling on President Mohammadu Buhari, vice President, senate President, speaker of the house representatives and EFCC to immediately call on Charles Dokubo to go to each state for verification if not we will use our PVCs and do everything possible to vote the present administration out the way we vote the previous administration out.” The group stated.

Meanwhile, all efforts towards reaching out to the amnesty boss, Prof. Dokubo had proved abortive as he could not respond to calls put across to his mobile phone nor text.

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