July 21, 2024

By Ndu Samuel

Ijaw women group operating under the auspices of Ijaw Women Integrity (IWI) led by the treasurer of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide, Comr. Fanny Peremoboere Amatoru has talked tough and has backed the appointment of Dr. Dennis Otuaro as Administrator of the Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP).

This was contained in a statement Comr. Fanny Amatoru, leader Ijaw Women of Integrity (IWI) and treasurer of IYC Worldwide, a copy of which was sent to The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide.

The statement reads in full below:

This Press Conference is initiated by the Ijaw Women of Integrity(IWI) in Collaboration with the office of the National Treasurer of IYC which is my humble self, Miss Fanny Peremoboere Amatoru, about the recent call on the National Security Adviser, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and Mr President to revisit the appointment of the Presidential Amnesty Program (PAP) Administrator.

We are Women group from the Niger Delta states. We are organising this National Press Conference with the view to correct the recent erroneous calls of a group under the auspices of Coalition of Civil Societies of Niger Delta, calling on the National Security Adviser to Mr President, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and Mr President to revisit the appointment of Chief Dennis Otuaro PhD, as the Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Program(PAP).

We the IWI are constrained at this point to address this issue emanating from the so call Coalition.

While we are yet to find out the very motive for this Coalition to embark on this shameful voyage, we wish to state that the call is most unfortunate, most shameful, unacceptable and highly condemnable.

The NSA and Mr President are senior citizens of our deaŕ country with vast knowledge, experience and information than every other Nigerian and as such, have done their findings in every respect of appointees before their announcement.

The appointment of Dr Dennis Otuaro as the Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Program does not fall short of same, hence, the call by the Coalition should be jettisoned as it is concieved out of ill motives.

Suffice us to state in a very unequivocal terms that Chief Dennis Otuaro is the popular choice of the Niger Deltans been a product of the struggle from the Creeks who understands the pulse of the people.

Moving forward, we do not know when the so call Coalition became an organ of the DSS to know who is been screened and at the same time the rightful person to be appointed as the Administrator of Presidential Amnesty Program. It is important to school the Coalition that the power to make appointments is vested with Mr President only.

Furthermore, we also wish to state that there are no one qualified person than the other for the Amnesty office. It is only one person that can occupy that office for the now and that has been done by Mr President. So, it is important we respect the decision of Mr President and refrain from calls that are unproductive to our region and the country at large.

We the IWI hereby call on Mr President to ignore such unpatriotic and unpopular calls from faceless groups that are not for the good of the generality of the people of our region and Country.

The amnesty programme is born as a result of the Federal Government resolve to end the agitations in the Niger Delta region with a view to paving the way for peace and development in the region.

Our concern is to have a meaningful development that is commensurate to the output from our region and not to drag leaders in Authority down. There is absolutely no gain in doing so.

We must learn to avoid this pull-him down syndrome and embrace each others growth.

We the IWI/IYC women, cannot fold our hands to watch our brothers towing the wrong path, and so, we strongly warn every group to desist from these kind of negative calls or face the wrath of the Ijaw Women.

We pray and hope this unpopular calls dont repeat itself.

May God almighty bless Ijaw Nation.