By Binebai Princewill 

There was massive jubilation on Saturday 30th of July 2022 in Sapele, Delta State as a Niger Delta Youth Leader, Comr. Bene Youkore Mamamu was honoured with the prestigious award as ECOWAS Ambassador Of Youth/Peace.

The award ceremony took place at the famous Wetland Event Centre Sapele in Delta State on Saturday 30th of July 2022.

While reacting to Newsmen shortly after the award ceremony, Comr. Bene Youkore Mamamu, popularly known as Young Chief maintained that he feels so honoured to have received such rare award, stressing that he is thankful and grateful to those  that nominated him and the good spirited people that have come from far and near to honour him with such an important award. 

However, Young Chief had promised that the award will definitely spour him to do more for humanity, stressing that he is dedicating the award to the Lord Almighty that made everything possible. 

The Liberator Newspapers Worldwide learnt that the event was powered by Mayorkings Agency Group and Mayorkings Global Foundation.

See letter of his nomination below:

Dear Chief Bene Youkore Mamamu 

Greetings Distinguished,


The prestigious Most Infuential Young Deltans Awards is an annual specialRecognition Award Event Organized by the DeltaNews247 Blog owned by Mayorkings 
Agency Group to Honour and CelebrateDeserving Young Individuals and organizations who have contributed meaningfully towards a better society by way of Job creation, Youth and Women Empowerment, Community Development as well as Philanthropy.

The Award is set out to Honour and Celebrate Deserving Young Nigerians Particularly Indigenes of Delta State for the impactful year in review.
This 3rd Edition of the Prestigious event promises to be massive as we havetailored series of packages to suit our deserving guests at the event.
At this Event, we shall be Honouring and Celebrating some selected individuals with an Honorary Doctorate Degree (PhD) in their chosen eld from the Prowess University Delaware USA, we shall also be Conferring on them alongside Ecowas Youth Ambassadorial Honour which comes with a customized VIP Vehicle Plate Number.
The Subject Matter:This Memo is Officially Notifying you of your Nomination and subsequent selection to be HONOURED and CELEBRATED with the Prestigious Most Inuential Young Deltans 
Award Honour slated to hold Saturday 30th July 2022 at the Wetland Event Centre Sapele Delta State Nigeria. Redcarpet 4pm and 5pm Main Event. This is due to your contributions towards a better society and kindness to humanity within your region and beyond.

Kindly be informed that your Nomination and Subsequent Selection for this prestigiousHonour automatically qualies you for the Additional Honours attached to this PrestigiousEvent which includes:1. An Honourary Doctorate Degree PhD in any of the attached Disciplines from theprestigious Prowess University Delaware, USA.2. Institute of Arts Management & Professional USA(Fellow).3. Ecowas Youths/Peace Ambassadorial Honour which comes with a customized VIPVehicle Green Plate Number.NB: These Additional Honours are subject to your choice to receive any or all of thethree (3) as listed above.Financial Cost implications for either or all of the above packages varies depending onyour choice packages.Please see attached for your perusal and necessary action.

Also be informed that Delegates to be sent from the University in Delaware, USA to the event at Wetland Event Centre Sapele Delta State Nigeria to perform theInduction/Decoration and Presentation of the Honorary Doctorate Degree PhDCerticates to Candidates. 

In light of your Nomination to be HONOURED and CELEBRATED with this PrestigiousAward, Kindly forward your updated PROFILE/Citation/Resume to

Congratulations once again, Looking forward to receiving your acceptance mail or call

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